“Luigi Pellegrin: Architectural Visions of Pisa”, standing up for Italian post-war architecture

Following Pisa’s local administration’s desire to take down one of the city’s most representative building of 1960’s organic architecture, the Complesso Concetto Marchesi, Pisastudium have launched an exhibition and congress on its author’s life and works.


© Chandra Editrice. Image from the book "Scuola Marchesi di Pisa" edited by Chiara Cascella

© Chandra Editrice. Image from the book “Scuola Marchesi di Pisa” edited by Chiara Cascella


Pisastudium, a local cultural association in Pisa, have just launched an exhibition on the life and works of one of Italy’s most important architect’s and designer’s: Luigi Pellegrin. However, Pellegrin is specially known in Pisa for what is considered one of the highest examples of Italian post-war architecture, the Scuola Marchesi, which was recently subject of controversy after the local administration’s desire to bring it down.

The aim of “Luigi Pellegrin: Architectural Visions of Pisa” is to promote a fresh, unprejudiced point of view on Pisa’s architectural heritage beyond the Camposanto and to ackowledge the work of one of the key figures of Italian organic architecture.