Ex-Macello Lugano presents “Schweizweit. Recent Architecture in Switzerland”

The gallery located in the former slaughterhouse in Lugano presents an exhibition organised and curated by S AM Basel, where it had been previously shown earlier this year. The exhibition is a visual atlas of recent architectural production in Switzerland.


Conversion Obstalden lilitt bollinger studio Obstalden (GL), 2016 © Mark Niedermann

Conversion Obstalden lilitt bollinger studio Obstalden (GL), 2016 © Mark Niedermann


The image of Swiss architecture today is still very strongly characterised by the 1990s, when it was catapulted into the global spotlight and became a model of architectural minimalism. The architects who stood for this reduced and sublimated concept of building at the time – such as Herzog & de MeuronDiener & Diener, Peter ZumthorPeter Märkli, etc. – are still regarded as pars pro toto for Swiss architecture, at least from an international perspective. We hear much less about the architects of the subsequent generations, who have been intervening more and more actively in the architecture debate since then.’Schweizweit’ tracks down the architecture firms that have developed over the past two decades. (more…)

“The Architect as a Civil Agent / Shelter +” at i2a Lugano

Shelter + demonstrates the ideas of students from the Hochschule in Luzern and MARCH in Moscow for a shelter for asylum seekers in Lugano. The result are multiple responses to the need of finding a place that creates a synergy with the community and the projects on display show a wide range of solutions for a typology yet to be tested.


Civil Agent / Shelter + © photo: Marcelo VIllada Ortiz

Civil Agent / Shelter + © photo: Marcelo VIllada Ortiz


Immigration: arrivals, the political management of emergency, the closing and opening of borders, shelter and nationalism have enflamed a hot debate and raised doubts about some truths at the very foundation of western thinking. Within this context, the realm of architecture is impacted on both practically and intellectually. As expressed in the series of projects related to the program the architect as civil agent, i2a takes the view that the figure of the architect must respond, through their actions and proposals, to a series of ethical and social questions about who is sheltered and who shelters. (more…)