“Le Corbusier. Lessons of Modernism” at Nivola Museum

For the first time in Italy, the extraordinary drawings by Le Corbusier formerly in the Nivola collection, thanks to a project by the Fondazione di Sardegna and the Fondazione Nivola in the context of AR/S – Arte condivisa in Sardegna.


Le Corbusier / Nature morte à la pile d’assiettes et au livre, 1920 © Le Corbusier Foundation


Le Corbusier was not only the greatest architect of the twentieth century, he was also an exceptional visual artist who, starting from the geometries of his Purist period (from 1918 to the second half of the 1920s), developed, through contact with the Surrealist milieu and the lesson of Picasso and Léger, a highly potent and evocative synthetic language. At the base of his work as a painter stands an extremely rich and still little known body of graphic works, within which the collection of drawings preserved by Nivola has special significance. (more…)

“Le Corbusier” at Guillermo de Osma Gallery Madrid

This retrospective exhibition aims to highlight the importance of Le Corbusier’s pictorial production and analyze the basic features of his paintings. It presents more than twenty works among paintings, drawings and collages made by the artist during the last 30 years of his life.


Le Corbusier, "Deux femmes nuages"

Le Corbusier, “Deux femmes nuages”


The gallery Guillermo de Osma will host this exhibition that takes a tour through the pictorial production of the prominent artist known as Le Corbusier.  Although he was a prestigious architect, drawing and painting marked his professional activity in the same way. The exhibition discovers his interpretation of the human figure, especially the woman’s body, which began in the 1920s. (more…)

‘Le Corbusier: 5 architectures’, photographs by Guido Guidi for Einaudi

The work of Guido Guidi is well aware of the deep interpretative value of the act of observation. In his photographs we are taken into Le Corbusier’s work like never before: through detailed and partial views the photographer draws on the architect’s lesser known work.


Guido Guidi. Le Corbusier 5 architetture © Guido Guidi / Einaudi

Guido Guidi. Le Corbusier 5 architetture © Guido Guidi / Einaudi


The art gallery Unosunove in Rome presents Italian photogrpaher Guido Guidi‘s latest work, a collaboration with editors Einaudi in their series ‘I millenni‘, with texts from ‘Le Corbusier. Scritti‘ by Rosa Tamborrino.

The exhibition comprises Guidi‘s photographs on 5 works by the Swiss architect, paying attention to the details of each place, the materials combined during the construction, the colors of the spaces, together with the notes glued on the walls or on the textile containers… a perfect and necessary addition to the architect’s words and texts. The exhibition will be open until June 24. (more…)

“L’Esprit Nouveau” ​1920-1925 now available online by Dipartimento di Architettura Roma Tre

The project includes a complete digital collection of 28 issues of the magazine and offers a range of search functions developed to facilitate access to this collection. Download is possible, as well as saving and printing medium-resolution images.


"L'Esprit Noveau" ​1920-1925 © Dipartimento di Architettura Roma Tre

“L’Esprit Noveau” ​1920-1925 © Dipartimento di Architettura Roma Tre


Università degli Studi di Roma Tre ‘s Biblioteca di Area delle Arti has ellaborated a digital version of the prestigious work L’Esprit Nouveau. L’Esprit Nouveau , founded in March 1920 in Paris by Le Corbusier and Amédée Ozenfant and published from 1920 to 1925, is an important magazine for art and French architecture. The term “Esprit nouveau” was coined by Guillaume Apollinaire in 1917 to define the cultural climate of those years in Paris.  (more…)

Fred Scott “In Search of the Lost Artwork” at Betts Project London

Betts Project is pleased to present ‘In Search of the Lost Artwork’, an exhibition of montages by British architectural theorist and lecturer Fred Scott.


Valise in Walnut, 2016, walnut, paper montages, edition of 5, different content © Fred Scott

Valise in Walnut, 2016, walnut, paper montages, edition of 5, different content © Fred Scott


Early in 2013 Fred Scott realised he had lost a triptych he made in 1997. ‘Dream of Flight’ was a montage using images from Le Corbusier’s pre-war publications, in which Scott blended Le Corbusier’s fascination for aircrafts and his associate Charlotte Perriand. For Fred Scott, Le Corbusier had a genius that has not been sufficiently recognized for gathering images to support his arguments, which is also almost an art in itself. The Radiant City in particular is an incredible collection of eclectic and surprising pictures, from similarly unexpected sources. Since then, Scott has been on a journey of memory to recreate his lost artwork. (more…)

The Architectural Work of Le Corbusier added to UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Chosen from the work of Le Corbusier, the 17 sites comprising this transnational serial property are spread over seven countries and are a testimonial to the invention of a new architectural language that made a break with the past.


Intérieurs du Cabanon © FLC/ADAGP

Intérieurs du Cabanon © FLC/ADAGP


Istanbul, Turkey, 17 July—The World Heritage Committee this morning inscribed four new sites on the World Heritage List: the transnational serial site of The Architectural Work of Le Corbusier, an Outstanding Contribution to the Modern Movement (Argentina, Belgium, France, Germany, India, Japan, Switzerland), along with sites in Antigua and Barbuda, Brazil and India. Today’s inscription gives Antigua and Barbuda their first World Heritage site.


“À ciel ouvert, Open Air” installation by Felice Varini at Ville Radieuse in Marseille

Felice Varini intervenes on the entire rooftop of the building with three pieces (red and yellow) providing three different views. The Ville Radieuse has recently become a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with other seventeen buildings designed by the Swiss-French architect.


Felice Varini, Marseille 2016 “A ciel ouvert”, MAMO – Centre d’Art de la Cité Radieuse, Marseille © André Morin

Felice Varini, Marseille 2016 “A ciel ouvert”, MAMO – Centre d’Art de la Cité Radieuse, Marseille © André Morin


After the exhibitions featuring the works of Xavier Veilhan, Daniel Buren and Dan Graham, Felice Varini will be next, offering from July 2 to October 2nd a close encounter with Le Corbusier’s architecture in MAMO, the art center founded by Ora Ito on the roof terrace of the Ville Radieuse in Marseille. (more…)

“Le Corbusier: Ma Maison and résidence près de Chicago” at Accademia di San Luca

The exhibition presents sketches and models for “Ma maison” and “Plans pour la résidence du président d’un collège près de Chicago”. Approaching the theme of housing, then and now, the purpose of these objects is to point out to visitors the importance of graphics quality as an expression of architectural thought.


Models by Alessandro Gramiccia, Enrico Martini, Alessandro Masi © photo:  Pier Luigi Traini

Models by Alessandro Gramiccia, Enrico Martini, Alessandro Masi © photo: Pier Luigi Traini


The sketches for “Ma maison” (1929) and “Plans pour la residence du president d’un college pres de Chicago” (1935) are published into the third volume (1934-1938) of the “Oeuvre complete”, in the section dedicated to Petites maisons. The designs are the intermediary between the two architecture built, the “Maison de weekend” on the outskirts of Paris and the “Maison aux Mathes”,both made in 1935 with mostly traditional techniques and materials, while the two sketches houses seems to refer at the aesthetic of smoothness, that had characterized almost all of the previous production of Le Corbusier. (more…)

“Una Finestra sull’India di Le Corbusier” photography exhibition in Verona

Fifty years on from the death of the Swiss-French architect and urban planning master, Le Corbusier and India are on display in Verona. The exhibition includes black and white photos of Corbusier’s India, alongside photos of a colourful India, from the streets, to the people and the most hidden sights of the cities.


“Una Finestra sull’India di Le Corbusier” ©  Order of Architects in Verona

“Una Finestra sull’India di Le Corbusier” © Order of Architects in Verona


From December 15 until January 31, Magazzino 1, the head of the Order of Engineers in Verona (former warehouse compound, via Santa Teresa, 12) will host a photography exhibition, “Una Finestra sull’India di Le Corbusier”, sponsored by the Engineers of Verona, in collaboration with the Order of Architects in Verona.  (more…)

My house is a Le Corbusier : artist’s residence and performance at Unité d’habitation Marseille

Appartement 50 is the third installment of My house is a Le Corbusier, a long term project in which the artist Cristian Chironi calls for architecture and politics of construction to take an active role and think about new and affordable housing solutions.


Cristian Chironi, My house is a Le Corbusier: Saluti affettuosi, 2015 (15x10cm carved postcard) Gaetano e Barbara Maccaferri collection

Cristian Chironi, “Saluti affettuosi”, 2015 (15x10cm carved postcard) Gaetano e Barbara Maccaferri collection


After Espirt Nouveau in Bologna and Studio-Apartment in Paris, Cristian Chironi takes his project My house is a Le Corbusier to a residency in apartment 50, inside of the Unité d’habitation built by Le Corbusier in Marseille.

Simultaneously acting as work in progress, think tank, space of research and collaboration, exhibition and didactic platform in addition to residency, My house is a Le Corbusier has the ambition to grow during a long term period, during which Chironi will spend variable amounts of time within the walls of the many Le Corbusier complexes present around the world. The outcome of this growth means to take the form of all the experiences that Chironi might realise there. (more…)