“Identity and Visions. Montisola on Display”

Montisola on display is an architecture exhibition dedicated to the enhancement of the landscape and tourism of Monte Isola, organized by architect Marcello Corti and sponsored by the City of Monte Isola.


Monte Isola - Panoramica © Oscar Colosio

Monte Isola – Panoramica © Oscar Colosio


The event, hosted from June 11 to July 10, 2016 at the Palace of Peschiera Maraglio Tourism is proposed as a story of the place told in time and space, past, present and future, between identity and visions.


“LandEscape” by Alfonso Maria Isonzo at Casa dell’Architettura

Alfonso Maria Isonzo presents the exhibition LandEscape, mixing photography and sculpture, using the transition from two-dimension objects into tridimensionality as a mean of reflecting about the idea of landscape.


LandEscape © Alfonso Maria Isonzo

LandEscape © Alfonso Maria Isonzo


The exhibition offers a reflection on the landscape themes through a specific research that Isonzo has carried out following an imaginary line that join two disciplines, the photographic and sculptural one.


“The Project in the Gaze. Landscape Photographs by Gabriele Basilico” at AAM

The exhibition explores the theme of landscape in the research of Gabriele Basilico (1944-2013) through 60 photographs in various formats, most of them in the artist’s distinctive black and white.


The Project in the Gaze. Landscape Photographs by Gabriele Basilico © Mendrisio Academy

The Project in the Gaze. Gabriele Basilico © Galleria dell’Accademia di architettura


Conceived and promoted by the Academy of Architecture together with the curator Angela Madesani and the Studio Gabriele Basilico, the exhibition presents 60 photographs in various formats, mostly in black and white. The exhibition explores the theme of landscape in the research of Gabriele Basilico (1944-2013), comprising works produced mainly between the eighties and nineties in Europe.


“Artscape Norway” at Jaroslav Fragner Gallery Prague

The Artscape Norway international project uses photography, documentary film and video art to present artworks and small pieces of architecture that have become part of the Norwegian landscape and public space.


Selvika © Jiri Havran

Selvika © Jiri Havran


Monumental sculptures, suspended vantage points, original rest stops and information boards – a true Nature Gallery. These are the tourist attractions on the trails woven into the breathtaking Norwegian landscape. The Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague presents several of these implementations within the Artscape Norway multimedia exhibition project. The eye-catching creations in the Norwegian countryside are captured in photographs — themselves works of art — by two top photographers. The photographs are signed by Czech-Norwegian photographer Jiří Havran and Filip Šlapal who works in the Czech Republic. (more…)

“The Skywalk” tower in the mountains by Zdeněk Fránek Architects

“The Trail Among The Clouds” is a conceptual building which offers visitors an intense sensation of walking in the clouds and experience the space above the landscape. There are various attractions including a slide, nets and nests in the building for those who seek adventure or entertainment.


"The Skywalk" by Zdeněk Fránek Architects © Zdeněk Fránek Architects

“The Skywalk” by Zdeněk Fránek Architects © Zdeněk Fránek Architects


The entrance building is of a slightly oval shape much like a rowboat. Its construction is made of glued wooden beams set into a wooden grid supported by columns. The architectural approach was for the building to blend with it’s unique surrounding rather then to disturb it. This was the reason for using wood for the major part of the construction, and making the rails and mounts as subtle as possible. (more…)

“Territorio: Casa Comum” territory as a common home

The exhibition, held at Casa do Território in Vila Nova de Famalição, shows the territory essentially as a political issue and, therefore, subject of debate and deliberation, focusing on the the collective construction of a common imagery.


Exhibition poster "Território: Casa Comum"

Exhibition poster “Território: Casa Comum”


The research group Territory Dynamics and Morphologies of the Centre for Studies in Architecture and Urbanism (CEAU) of FAUP is proud to present the exhibition ‘Território: Casa Comum’ at Vila Nova de Famalicão, in partnership with the Municipality of the City.


Practical Information

Territorio: Casa Comum
9 July 2015 to 29 February 2016
Tuesday to Thursday, 9:30-13:00 / 14:00-17:30
Saturday and Sunday, 14:30-18:30
Casa do Território
Rua Fernando Mesquita 2453
Vila Nova de Famalição, Portugal


Understanding the territory implies knowing it, and, above all, it implies inventing it. To invent reality is a requirement without which it remains opaque and indistinct, difficult to perceive what is really important for collective decision-making, and what might be in the reach of our actions. These are the matters that show the territory essentially as a political issue and, therefore, subject of debate and deliberation.

The territory is not something predetermined or stable. An idea of territory is something to be progressively built through a set of readings, representations, speeches and debates collectively produced around what is acknowledged as something common and that gives sense to reality.


Exhibition display "Território: Casa Comum" © Alexandre Delmar

Exhibition display “Território: Casa Comum” © Alexandre Delmar


The House of the Territory  welcomes these ways of seeing, experiences and essays on the “territorialization of reality”, making its many forms explicit. Making territory visible is a condition to make it public, to organize a particular view of a world and expose it to the judgment of others. Without this, society remains invisible and the territory, an abstraction. If we wish the territory we inhabit to be understood and dwelled as a common home – as a realm of life and relationship of the social group living there – then, this home should be the result of the collective construction of a common imagery and shared projects on what we are as a society, and on the things and places we can and should share. A house under construction.


Exhibition display "Território: Casa Comum" © Alexandre Delmar

Exhibition display “Território: Casa Comum” © Alexandre Delmar


News source: FAUP (Porto Faculty of Architecture)
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“The Ring” exhibition, José María Sánchez García at The Blue House Madrid

In this new exhibition at The Blue House, developed by CentroCentro and curated by Jacobo García-Germán, José María Sánchez García Architects presents one of their most important work to date, carried out by one of the Spanish architects with greater projection and international recognition.


"The Ring" International Center for Sports Innovation. Cáceres, Spain © José María Sánchez García Architecture Office

“The Ring” International Center for Sports Innovation. Cáceres, Spain © José María Sánchez García Architecture Office

The Blue House
(La Casita Azul)  is a permanent space dedicated to increase the presence of architecture in Madrid´s cultural offer. A small space for large works. An urban pocket that will host some of the most important architects that will bring their work to the public in an accessible way, thanks to the display´s scale. (more…)

Het Nieuwe Instituut presents The New Garden: a temporary landscape

Inspired by the ecological richness of abandoned sites, Frank Bruggeman (artist and designer) and Hans Engelbrecht (ecological gardener) propose an alternative way of maintaining public space in the city with The New Garden.


The New Garden. July 2015 Photo © Johannes Schwartz

The New Garden. July 2015 Photo  ©  Johannes Schwartz


This spring, Het Nieuwe Instituut presented The New Garden: a temporary landscape with space for encounter, experimentation and exploration. The outdoor area around Het Nieuwe Instituut transforms into a temporary garden. With the design for The New Garden, Het Nieuwe Instituut opens up to its surroundings and invites neighbouring, residents and passers-by to make use of this temporary garden. The garden also acts as a route to the adjoining Museumpark and contributes to the discussion about the future of this public and cultural heart of the city. (more…)

“Landscape as architecture” exhibition at Centro Cultural de Belém

This exhibition is twofold in nature. It is about two architects – João Gomes da Silva and Paulo David – and two disciplines, and deals with two quite distinct geographies: the island of Madeira and the city of Lisbon.


"Landscape as architecture" © CCB / Diogo Nunes

“Landscape as architecture” © CCB / Diogo Nunes


But this exhibition is not about the history of the relationship between the two architects. It starts with their collaborations together, but then it moves from this central core to look at other individual projects, other geographies and other times. It is not an exhibition about a common history, but the illustration of a path that begins with a common core of works and then goes off in other directions. From a more ambitious and comprehensive standpoint, Landscape as Architecture is, above all, designed to provoke reflection about the complex relationship between landscape and architecture. (more…)

Landscape Festival Praha 2015 and CZECHSCAPE exhibition at Jaroslav Fragner Gallery

The CZECHSCAPE exhibition deals with the increasingly discussed theme of landscape architecture. This showcase of Czech creations, with generous overlap into other related disciplines, deliberately exceeds the borders of conventional understanding of the field.


Exhibition image © Czechscape Exhibition / Jaroslav Fragner Gallery

Exhibition image © Czechscape Exhibition / Jaroslav Fragner Gallery


The third year of the interdisciplinary festival tries to present the public space and landscape using the media, photography, design and contemporary art. The Czech public has a great interest in the quality of public space, which is an important factor in the development of society. The proof is in attendance of the last year’s festival in 2014, which reached almost 30 000 visitors in three months. A very important factor was the participation of both professional architects and artists, and the involvement of many volunteers, NGOs and students who participated in the multi-layered structure of the program. This year the festival will be held in three locations – Prague 1, Prague 3 and Prague 6. (more…)