“Territory in movement” exhibition by OFICINA URBANA at la Galerie d’Architecture

Urban life is today the scenario for high-impact processes and tensions, and an urban designer is a guide that will set courses and lead the future ways and behaviors for these changes, transforming them into a new memorable event.


"Territory in movement" OFICINA URBANA © la Galerie d’Architecture

“Territory in movement” OFICINA URBANA © la Galerie d’Architecture


This dialogue on projects is not a content in itself: it is an open process, taking place through successive interactions, which in its evolution celebrates the variety of disciplines that allow for the construction of that space. (more…)

“Formes et Lumière” exhibition by Gitty Darugar

Form, function, light, and color are the concerns of architects and their constructive creations. In her photographs of the buildings of the architect Christian de Portzamparc, the photographer Gitty Darugar interprets these physical structures in abstraction – an abstraction of light and color that crystallizes these forms into compositions of unanticipated beauty.


"Formes et Lumière" Gitty Darugar © La Galerie d’Architecture

“Formes et Lumière” Gitty Darugar © La Galerie d’Architecture


The architect’s three-dimensional elements are, of course, present, but we do not see these «man-made» shapes until Darugar’s magical photographic eye has transformed them into two dimensions. Her architectural photographs demonstrate not only how Architecture and Nature imitate one another – but also how, through Darugar’s work, this dialogue can achieve further creative expression in photography. (more…)

“Fingerprints” exhibition by Rossetti + Wyss Architekten at la Galerie d’Architecture

La Galerie d’Architecture presents the exhibition on the Swiss architects featuring photos, drawings and physical models of their recent work. Rossetti + Wyss was founded by Nathalie Rossetti and Mark Aurel Wyss in January 2000. The agency works on architectural and urban projects, and at different scales ranging from the city to the object design.


TRUBLERHÜTTE - 2008 © Jürg Zimmermann, Zürich - Suisse

TRUBLERHÜTTE – 2008 © Jürg Zimmermann, Zürich – Suisse


Simplicity is never vapid. Reduction is the path to clarity and precision. A constant process of weighing and choosing between different elements produces spatial and structural solutions. The result is a formal, simple language, full of experiences and spatial successions. Restraint is the watchword. (more…)

“An architecture of dialogue” exhibition by Atelier Arcau

In its forthcoming exhibition at Paris’ galerie d’architecture, atelier arcau will present its architectural philosophy and its approach centered round openness and dialogue. The exhibition, from November 2 to December 2, 2017, will explore the firm’s DNA through three sections highlighting major landmarks in the firm’s evolution, exploring both its history and what it could become tomorrow.


Immeuble Steelband, Vannes © Hervé Le Reste

Immeuble Steelband, Vannes © Hervé Le Reste


French architecture firm atelier arcau was founded in Vannes, on the shores of the Gulf of Morbihan, in 1979. Now one of the largest architecture firms on France’s Atlantic coast, atelier arcau’s attachment to its native Brittany has helped give it the strength to pursue its creative freedom. Run by architects Julien Veyron, Xavier Fraud and Marc Monnier, atelier arcau’s mission is to create unique spaces which are both modern and in harmony with their setting and the local culture. (more…)

‘Sémiose: Daufresne, Le Garrec & associés’ at La Galerie d’Architecture in Paris

Semiosis, the signification of a character regarding its context, is the word that the French architecture practice Daufresne, Le Garrec & associates have chosen to define their work in this exhibition, divided into five fundamental design processes: emergence, immersion, movement, metamorphosis and envelopment.


Maison d'Accueil 'Daufresne, Le Garrec & associés' architects. Franois © Sergio Grazia

Maison d’Accueil ‘Daufresne, Le Garrec & associés’ architects. Franois © Sergio Grazia


La Galerie d’Architecture in Paris comes back from summer holiays with a monographic exhibition on the architecture office Daufresne, Le Garrec & associés. The exhibition, named “Semiose” -French for ‘Semiosis‘, “the signification of a character regarding its context”- tries to portray these architects’ approach to architectural projects and design.

Divided into five so-called ‘architectural stances’, the exhibition also explains the French office’s recent change of name to “Séméio”, embodying the firm’s new structure while symbolizing the accumulated meaning of its projects and reflections.  (more…)

Jean-Christophe Quinton exhibition at La Galerie d’Architecture

The exhibition, entitled “Vers l’immédiate étrangeté des formes” (Towards the immediate strangeness of forms) shares his architectural projects culture from the last fifteen years of architectural experimentation within Jean-Christophe Quinton’s office.


"Vers l’immédiate étrangeté des formes" © Jean-Christophe Quinton Architecte

“Vers l’immédiate étrangeté des formes” © Jean-Christophe Quinton Architecte


Every architect develops a unique culture, the product of the tension between a general culture shared by all architects and a project culture specific to each. The project culture’s most important effect is to liberate the architect from set expressions, from stereotypical and conventional thought, and thereby open the way for a personal approach to design. The project culture shapes this approach, provides a bulwark against preconceptions, against modish influences, and allows the architect to develop his or her conceptual independence and a personal set of tools. (more…)

“Corinne Vezzoni et associés: Archimediterranean” exhibition at La Galerie d’Architecture

Through a selection of projects, some built, some not, through different tools, some timeless, some modern, the agency manifests both its contribution to European architectural production in general and its own specificity: attention to contexts and territories, the legacy of the mediterranean.


Campus la Timone © Lisa Ricciotti et Corinne Vezzoni & Associés

Campus la Timone © Lisa Ricciotti et Corinne Vezzoni & Associés


How can we use what is already here, what came before, what can be found nowhere else? How can we perpetuate traces of previous lives, heed the clues the site provides, incorporate the emotions it arouses, its singularity, its materiality? Each locality requires its own solution. (more…)

“Sur Mesure” exhibition by Suzel Brout at La Galerie d’Architecture

La Galerie d’Architecture presents the exhibition entitled “Sur Mesure” (“Tailored”) a retrospective of the works by AASB agence d’architecture suzelbrout, founded in 1995 by Suzel Brout, focused in the new “modes d’habiter”.


"Sur Mesure" exhibition by Suzel Brout, La Galerie d'Architecture © Frédéric Delangle

“Sur Mesure” exhibition by Suzel Brout, La Galerie d’Architecture © Frédéric Delangle


We design projects with the idea that they are going to be built. It is through the construction process that architecture becomes part of the real world, so materials, industry, production and implementation are integral to our designs. We try to find simple relationships between structure, shape and construction. (more…)

“Sensible” exhibition by a+samuel delmas at la Galerie d’Architecture

The architect, winner of the BigMat ’15 Special Mention for Young Architects with its project in Nozay, presents his first monographic exhibition using models and fragments of materials to evoke a selection of his buildings.


BigMat ’15 Special Mention for Young Architects. Pôle tertiaire et médical à Nozay, 2015, a+samueldelmas © Julien Lanoo

BigMat ’15 Special Mention for Young Architects. Medical building in Nozay, 2015, a+samueldelmas © Julien Lanoo


This first monographic exhibition uses the theme of materials to explore a selection of the agency’s projects: the a+f house, the children’s psychiatric hospital at Bures-sur-Yvette, the crèche at Asnières-sur-Seine, the Broussais retirement home in Paris, the tertiary medical center at Nozay and the Îlot Petit-Bruges in Bordeaux. (more…)

15 ans déjà! at La Galerie d’Architecture, «oeuvres uniques» on architectural representation in Paris

As a celebration for its 15th anniversary the gallery invites different agencies to present an original document representative of their work, thoughts and research.


Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé © La Galerie d'Architecture

Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé © La Galerie d’Architecture


This year, La Galerie d’Architecture is celebrating its 15th anniversary, and it wants to share this event with all architects, landscape architects, designers and photographers, inviting them to visit the exhibition “15 ans déjà!”, which no doubt will be a important milestone for the gallery. (more…)