“Kiosk K67. Metamorphoses of a System” at ETH Zurich

Thanks to extensive research by Milan Dinevski, the Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich has been offered a unique opportunity to acquire a Kiosk K67 model of the second generation (produced after 1971) and thus to lay the foundation for its own collection. After careful restoration, this rare example is now being shown to a wider public for the first time.


“Kiosk K67. Metamorphoses of a System” © Courtesy Museum of Architecture & Design, Ljubljana


Kiosk K67 is a modular architectonic system designed by Slovenian architect and designer Saša J. Mächtig. It was conceived as a flexible multipurpose structure that could potentially be extended ad infinitum, in countless compositions and configurations. With its smooth plastic shell, the Kiosk has been a characteristic feature in the streetscapes of many urban centres in former Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe since the 1960s. K67 is emblematic for the architect and designer’s thoroughly systematic approach. Individual objects and products are not regarded as being self-sufficient or idiosyncratic, but rather as open systems: They are generated through a conceptual framework and follow a logic of permutation that remains open to changes and may develop over time. (more…)