“Filip Šlapal: Bauhaus” at Jaroslav Fragner Gallery

Photographer Filip Šlapal has documented a number of buildings in three towns and cities associated with the Bauhaus design movement – Dessau, Germany, which is often referred to as the location associated with the most significant chapter of the movement, and Prague and Brno, which serve as the most famous Czech centres of Bauhaus architecture (albeit far from the only ones).


“Filip Šlapal: Bauhaus” © Filip Šlapal


Dessau’s school and teacher housing complex was designed by Walter Gropius, the founder and first director of the Bauhaus School (1919–1928). Also documented by Šlapal are additional examples of Dessau’s experimental architecture – The Steel House by Georg Muche and Richard Paulick; the Törten housing estate designed by Walter Gropius and Hannes Meyer (who became the school’s second director in 1928–1930); and the Kornhaus, designed by Carl Fieger, featuring a dance hall area overlooking the river Elbe. Dutch architect Mart Stam’s Prague villa (“Dům Palička”) is famous for being the only completed work by a foreign architect to feature within the Czech capital’s functionalist Baba Housing Estate (“Osada Baba”). Meanwhile, Brno’s Vila Tugendhat (by German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe) has become one of the Czech Republic’s most important architectural monuments. (more…)

‘Bearth & Deplazes: Amurs’ architecture and identity in the Canton of Graubünden

An inmersive display of large-scale, back-lit photographs by Ralph Feiner and Tonatiuh Ambrosetti introduces the spectator into the “Bündner” world of Bearth & Deplazes, a work in search of the true spirit of local Alpine architecture.


"Bearth & Deplazes: Amurs" exhibition display © Kristyna Dvorakova

“Bearth & Deplazes: Amurs” exhibition display © Kristyna Dvorakova


Amurs (Romansh for Amours – loves) is the title of an exhibition on the building culture of Bearth & Deplazes Architeckten (Valentin Bearth, Andrea Deplazes, and Daniel Ladner), and at the same time, a declaration of love for the Canton of Graubünden. The architects’ work displays their desire and strivings to come as close as possible to whatever “Bündner” might be—far from historical and tourism-based clichés. (more…)

“Woven” Jaroslav Fragner Gallery presents the latest works by Kengo Kuma & Associates

The exhibition, which was opened by Kengo Kuma himself, shows the architect’s approach to architecture: weaving together traditional Japanese building materials and modern technologies.


Yushuhara Wooden Bridge Museum 3, 2010 © Takumi Ota

Yushuhara Wooden Bridge Museum 3, 2010 © Takumi Ota


On Wednesday, October 5, one of the most notable contemporary architects visited Prague — Kengo Kuma, the Japanese architect whose design for Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium was finally chosen for Tokyo 2020, delivered a lecture at Bethlehem Chapel and also participate in the opening of a monographic exhibition on his works at Jaroslav Fragner Gallery. (more…)

“Architecture and Wine in Central Europe” exhibition at Gallery of Architecture in Brno

The phenomenon of recent years in the world of winemaking – linking contemporary architecture with new technologies – is represented in the new exhibition in the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery entitled “Architecture and Wine in Central Europe”.


Winery Brič, Slovinsko © A & I Photography

Winery Brič, Slovinsko © A & I Photography


The exhibition presents nearly forty realisations of Winery Architecture in seven countries and is accompanied by a 200-page publication. The project is open in Brno until 11th September after first venue at Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, Prague and several venues around cities of Central Europe (Wroclaw, Budapest, Merano, Bratislava and Znojmo). (more…)

“Zdeněk Fránek. The Scale and Measure” at Jaroslav Fragner Gallery Prague

Fránek Architects: The Scale and Measure exhibition at Prague’s Jaroslav Fragner Gallery will show how contemporary architecture relates to the public. The leading architectural studio in the Czech Republic will introduce its profile projects of recent times: the Skywalk observation tower in Dolní Morava, a study of the residential Face House in Prague as well as the energy self-sufficient Liko Noe building.


“The Skywalk” by Zdeněk Fránek Architects © Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice

“The Skywalk” by Zdeněk Fránek Architects © Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice


Despite different typologies, construction and technologies, all three projects share an unusual extent of intervention. These projects move the public and place questions abstracting from the discipline of architecture itself. They shift and define the level of tolerance, imagination and empathy. The exhibition itself reaches out to both the audience and users through their interactive concepts, based on an intensive understanding of the space and environment of the buildings. (more…)

“Constructive Alps” + “Built in Swiss Mountains” in Prague

An award for reconstructions and new buildings with regard to sustainability has given rise to “Constructive Alps”, a travelling exhibition reprised in Prague’s Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, presenting inspiration from Alpine countries’ architecture.


Bearth & Deplazes Architekten New Monte Rosa Hut, Zermatt (VS), 2009©  Tonatiuh Ambrosetti

Bearth & Deplazes Architekten New Monte Rosa Hut, Zermatt (VS), 2009© Tonatiuh Ambrosetti


The Constructive Alps contest, an award for reconstructions and new buildings with regard to sustainability is shwocasing its most notable entries in a travelling exhibition showing now at Prague’s Jaroslav Fragner Gallery. The exhibition, which will be open from 8th April to 15th May aims to draw inspiration from Alpine countries’ architecture, setting an example on how to intervene on the buildings of the mountain landscape taking attention to the details and the sustainability issues. (more…)

“Sacral Space” exhibition at Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague

The exhibition featured selected examples of contemporary religious architecture, mostly chapels that capture with the combination of spirituality and earthly life. Buildings of renowned authors as Mario Botta, Peter Zumthor, Christian Kerez, Marte.Marte and Fernando Menis are presented by minimalist models and photographs.


Chapel sv. Jana Křtitele_Mario Botta © Pino Musi

Chapel sv. Jana Křtitele, Mario Botta © Pino Musi


Sacral architecture is not in the centre of contemporary architectural considerations. However, this does not mean that it will disappear completely or is deteriorating in terms of quality. The “Sacral Space” exhibition presents 25 chapels in the main area of the gallery. This not too extensive architecture is mediated through small-scale models with their immediate surroundings and especially by photographs of the interiors. The play of light can be impressively captured in an image, however, direct spatial experience is more accurate. That is why an object on the borderline of architecture and fine arts dominates the exhibition premises. It is a fragment of architecture with a mosaic of selected examples of lighting composition in the space of contemporary chapels. (more…)