“That Pink Thing” Langarita & Navarro and Jerónimo Hagerman installation at IVAM

The objective of “That Pink Thing” is to materialize a space that responds to contemporary concerns around the energetic, the ecosystemic, the political, the public or the sensible. Through large-scale textile and vegetable elements, the intervention will provide shade to the main façade of the museum, which, oriented to the west, receives a strong insolation in summer. It will try to change the perception of this space to turn it into an outside room to carry out activities.


"That Pink Thing" Langarita & Navarro and Jerónimo Hagerman installation at IVAM © IVAM

“That Pink Thing” Langarita & Navarro and Jerónimo Hagerman installation at IVAM © IVAM


THAT PINK THING is a temporary intervention made on the IVAM’s façade by the artist Jerónimo Hagerman (Mexico City, 1967) and the architects María Langarita (Calatorao, 1979) and Víctor Navarro (Madrid, 1979). Their intention is to reveal an IVAM parallel to the one that was designed on the basis of the modern logic of what is hard and solid, and to materialise a space that provides a response to contemporary concerns about energy, the ecosystem, politics, the public sphere and sensibility. (more…)

“The Abstract Eclosion” at IVAM, Institut Valencià d’Art Modern

“The Abstract Eclosion” is one of the latest exhibitions at the Institut Valencià d’Art Modern, which explores the many faces of abstract art, ranging from early works to contemporary artists, comprising pictorial art as well as sculpture, installations and more theoretical approaches.


Luis Gordillo, Serie Limo 1991 © IVAM

Luis Gordillo, Serie Limo 1991 © IVAM


IVAM’s latest exhibition focuses on abstraction, looking at artists who understand line and colour as elements of a visual language equivalent to the function that words and sentences play in written or spoken language. A language whose aim is not so much to describe or narrate a specific situation as to produce sensations, experiences or emotions that are like a musical composition, a sequence of tones, rather than a descriptive narrative.

The exhibition, named La eclosión de la abstracción. Línea y color en la colección del IVAM (The Birth of Abstraction. Line and Colour in the IVAM Collection) includes a number of artists such as Antoni Tapiès, Luis Gordillo, James Turrell, Pierre Soulages and Lucio Fontana, among others.  (more…)

“Lost in the city” Urban life in the IVAM Collection

The central idea of this exhibition is to display a large number of works that will allow us to see the manifold visions, the different spaces and the large number of human lives that made up city life in the last century through the works in the collection of the IVAM.


Paul Citroën. Metropolis, ca. 1923 © IVAM

Paul Citroën. Metropolis, ca. 1923 © IVAM


The exhibition brings together about 300 works belonging to the collection of the IVAM, recently enriched with funds ceded in deposit by Cal Cego and Juan Redón. An important selection of paintings, sculptures, photographs and videos by artists like Paul Citroën, Jan Kamman, Lee Friedlander or César Domela, Walker Evans, Horacio Coppola or Gabriel Cualladó, to Sigmar Polke, Gregory Crewdson, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Miquel Navarro, Bernd and Hilla Becher or Gordon Matta Clark. (more…)