“The Reconstruction Territories” IUAV’s projects for areas struck by natural catastrophes

The exhibition shows the continuous attention paid by the IUAV to the reconstruction of urban fabric and buildings, contributing with first response activities, knowledge and design inmediately after the catastrophe events.


'The Reconstruction Territories' at IUAV 2017 © Roberto Bertossi

‘The Reconstruction Territories’ at IUAV 2017 © Roberto Bertossi


In the last fifty years, Iuav has been repeatedly involved in emergency response when some catastrophic event occurred, such as the Vajont disaster in 1963 or the most recent earthquake in Central Italy in 2016. The authors of the projects shown here are Iuav academics who have tackled the issue of reconstruction by drafting general Plans and projects concerning individual structures. Their activities have always been regulated by agreements between Iuav and the various public administrations from time to time involved in the disaster, or they worked as independent professionals. Frequently, reconstruction issues have been brought into the class, involving the students of the design workshops or graduands.

The current exhibition presents Iuav‘s projects for the reconstruction of urban space and particular buildings in territories affected by natural catasrophes over the last century. On show are many drawings, plans and documents regarding the Vajont, Friuli, Marche and Umbria disaster plans, as well as illustrative plans and consolidations surveys from recent earthquakes in Abruzzo and Central Italy(more…)

“Giancarlo De Carlo, A master of Iuav” triple exhibition in Venice

The Università Iuav di Venezia celebrates the 90th anniversary of its foundation with a series of exhibitions devoted to one of its masters; after the one dedicated to Carlo Scarpa, now it is the turn of Giancarlo De Carlo, scholar in this School from 1955 until 1983.


City Hall, Amsterdam, 1967  Model, photo coutesy by Umberto Ferro

Giancarlo de Carlo, City Hall, Amsterdam, 1967. Model, photo coutesy by Umberto Ferro


Giancarlo De Carlo has been on of the leading figure in the national and international architectural debates during the second half of the 20th century. De Carlo articulated and strongly engaged research activities aimed at rethink and make a deep revision to the teachings left to the Modern Movement, by bringing a continuous cultural renewal into the project praxis, thought out the participation and by sharing the decision making processes. (more…)

“Carlo Scarpa after Carlo Scarpa” at Iuav University of Venice

The tribute to Carlo Scarpa is spread across the former convent of Tolentini and divided into two exhibitions: “Carlo Scarpa, un maestro Iuav: progetti e insegnamento” and “Guido Guidi, Indagine sulla tomba Brion”, in time for the celebration of the 90th anniversary of L’Università Iuav di Venezia.


Carlo Scarpa after Carlo Scarpa © IUAV

Carlo Scarpa after Carlo Scarpa © IUAV


L’Università Iuav di Venezia, in the year of celebrations for its 90th anniversary, remembers Carlo Scarpa with two exhibitions taking place at  Tolentini, the historical site of the University. By simply crossing the threshold into Tolentini, the importance of the relationship between a school and one of his most important masters, who was also director, becomes evident. The first clear evidence of the architect’s personal modernity, for those entering in the lagoon city, is the door designed by Scarpa for the Venice University. Photographed daily by tourists from all over the world, it is the symbol of the school.


The narrative lines of Giancarlo De Carlo: last week for the exhibition in Venice

Comprising the architect’s work over the course of 20 years (1949-1969), the exhibition serves as a critique to the dogmatic principles of ‘the Modern’, which can be found in De Carlo’s production well before it became part of the international debate of culture.


Matera competition entry "Giancarlo De Carlo, molteplicare la narrazione"  © Iuav Venezia

Matera competition entry “Giancarlo De Carlo, molteplicare la narrazione” © Iuav Venezia


The IUAV in Venice is holding an exhibition on the work of Italian architect Giancarlo De Carlo, focusing on his early critique to the Modern Movement as well as his personal approach to arcitecture design and architecture itself. “Giancarlo De Carlo, multiplying narration”  is now reaching its end, as it will close its doors on July 17, after three weeks of display in the main gallery of Iuav’s headquarters.

Giancarlo de Carlo (1919-2005) spent his career working on the theme of ‘living’ – from private dwellings to shared residencies, extending across a recognizable linear progression of research which began with his professional debut, a set of projects carried out for the INA-Casa Plan in the 1950s.