“Bruges Triennial 2018: Liquid City” contemporary art and architecture route in Bruges

Impressive constructions by contemporary artists and architects worldwide will appear in the historic city centre from 5 May to 16 September 2018. They are answers to the consequences of today’s liquid society.


Triennale Brugge 2018, Selgascano pavilion © Iwan Baan

Triennale Brugge 2018, Selgascano pavilion © Iwan Baan

In 2018, the Triennial will return to Bruges for the second time. Held once every three years, this artistic route, with surprising installations by celebrated artists and architects, is spread right across the city centre. The Triennial explores the future of a city like Bruges, and hopes to serve as safe point of reference. Bruges as a fluid city, open and committed, a motor of social, cultural and political change. Bruges as a breeding ground for innovation and renewal. Just like the city’s medieval citizens, who first gave Bruges its shape and form, today’s residents also share common dreams for the further development of life in Bruges. (more…)

“Concéntrico 04” International Architecture and Design Festival

Concéntrico 04 is the fourth edition of Logroño’s International Festival of Architecture and Design, a reflection on the urban environment and the city. The Festival invites you to explore the city through installations, exhibitions, discussions, activities and performances, creating a connection between places, squares, streets, terraces and hidden spaces that usually go unnoticed.


"Amanita muscaria" information pavilion, Patricia Ramos Mateos, Miriam Alonso Barrio and Paula Mena Albarrán © Concéntrico

“Amanita muscaria” information pavilion, Patricia Ramos Mateos, Miriam Alonso Barrio and Paula Mena Albarrán © Concéntrico


Each installation is created by a team of architects and/or designers who make proposals, experiment and explore new fields of design with their environment, thereby establishing a dialogue between heritage and contemporary architecture, which seeks to activate citizens’ reflection on these spaces. Multiple different suggested routes for an unconventional look at the city, to awaken the desire to reclaim the joy of spaces, of the city. (more…)

“Navidad en RE! – Christmas in Re! REuse REduce” triple installation by Spanish collective Basurama

Basurama proposes three ephemeral art installations set in the CaixaForum facades of Barcelona, Madrid and Zaragoza that are made with the residues generated by Christmas consumption. The main objective is to focus on the waste generated in these holidays.


“Christmas in Re!” installation, CaixaForum Zaragoza © Asier Rua


The artistic process had the support of hundreds of people, who got involved in the project, by taking residues to the storage systems, settled by Basurama in the three buildings. The installations are opened until January 8th. (more…)