La Triennale di Milano hosts “Inside Outside – Petra Blaisse. A Retrospective”

Inside Outside Retrospective at the Triennale is an exhibition that activates and expands a transitory space with its dynamic content and layout. A projection of the paths of the Biblioteca degli Alberi park, recently opened and designed by Inside Outside, creates a black and white pattern on the floor.


“Inside Outside – Petra Blaisse. A Retrospective” © ETH


On this grid the park’s circular tree gardens are represented by circular brushes. Our oeuvre is printed on 2 high plastic/voile curtains. Their layout is site-specific, creating an inner and outer space where it is possible to experience, through the narration of 70 projects, the combination of knowledge, technology and craftsmanship of Inside Outside. (more…)

Sonneveld House² Intervention by Inside Outside / Petra Blaisse

Guest curator Petra Blaisse offers a totally new experience of Sonneveld House with one ingenious intervention, that responds to the three key principles of Dutch Functionalism: light, air and space.


© Johannes Schwartz

© Johannes Schwartz


Guest curator Petra Blaisse offers visitors a totally new experience of Sonneveld House, Rotterdam, with one ingenious intervention. Interior designer and landscape architect Blaisse explores the limits of architecture with her office Inside Outside by enhancing or temporarily transforming the unique qualities of buildings and their outdoor spaces. Blaisse is renowned for the soft yet compelling way she separates or envelops space with monumental curtains. But, this time, in an intervention that will remain open until September 13, Petra Blaisse and members of his studio Inside Outside have removed fabrics instead of installing them. They have stripped all draperies, carpets and rugs off the Sonneveld House. They have covered the ground with large mirrors. The result is “a house that reacts with visitors” they explain.