Giulia Foscari´s “Elements of Venice” by Lars Muller Publisher

The metamorphic nature of Venice, a city in which most buildings underwent throughout the centuries substantial volumetric and formal transformations informed by political and cultural shifts, is revealed in Elements of Venice through the analysis of single architectural elements.


Developed as a parallel research project of Fundamentals—the 14th Venice Architecture Biennale curated by Rem Koolhaas—the book offers insights on Venetian facades, stairs, corridors, floors, ramps, ceilings, doors, hearths, windows, balconies and walls. It is composed by individual examples without apparent connection, apart from the narrative dictated by the original biennale 12 items.




Despite its small size (16.5 × 12 cm), it guides us in a trip through almost 700 pages, with hundreds of diagrams, collages, drawings and original photos, alternating with historical documentation of the most varied type.