“Domus 90. Gio Ponti” at Galleria Carla Sozzani

On the occasion of the 90-year anniversary of Domus magazine, the Fondazione Sozzani will present a selection of pieces by Gio Ponti, drawn from the Domus Archives. The exhibition recounts the architect’s multifaceted production and approach to the arts, expressed through the pages of the magazine he oversaw as editor-in-chief for over 40 years from 1928 to 1979, with an interruption from 1941 to 1947.


"Domus 90. Gio Ponti" ©  Gio Ponti / Domus

“Domus 90. Gio Ponti” © Gio Ponti / Domus


The work of Gio Ponti (Milan, 1891-1979) is evoked through suggestions starting from the theme of the house, to which he dedicated many editorials and essays, stimulating the debate on the transition to the “modern” home in the Thirties and interpreting the changes in society in the post-war period. The exhibition includes photographic images, Domus magazine covers and a selection of objects that together cover 50 years of his work. A series of images highlights the architect’s alphabet: the combination and comparison between objects, drawings, and architectural elements show his design approach, in particular the expressive potential of the materials that he embraces in every sector, from craftsmanship to architecture. (more…)