“Interactions” exhibition by Groupe-6 at la Galerie d’Architecture

For almost  50 years, Groupe-6 has taken  a collective  approach to developing its architectures, designing a wide variety of schemes in France and in Europe. The firm’s creations testify to its expertise in constructing the most complex  projects and its commitment to an architecture that serves the public good. It has no set hallmark; its signature is a process, not a specific style.


Logements " Casanova", Chartres, France, Groupe 6 Architectes, 2017 © Groupe-6

Logements ” Casanova”, Chartres, France, Groupe 6 Architectes, 2017 © Groupe-6


The architectures Groupe-6 designs are resolutely interactive in the way they infuse into their setting and in their potential for appropriation. This dialectic between form and openness is their common denominator. Through a panorama of the firm’s projects and buildings, presented through models, drawings, interviews and films, the exhibition  reveals the true face of Groupe-6. (more…)

“Poésie de la lumière” exhibition at la Galerie d’Architecture

The Poetry of Light exhibition presents the projects they have worked on together since then and shows the parallels that light has drawn between their careers. In doing so, the exhibition celebrates the moment when architecture receives its most beautiful raw material, light, a beacon to those who are lost and a trigger of emotions.


© tvaa Architectes / tvdw

© tvaa Architectes / tvdw


Architect Thierry Van de Wyngaert and lighting designer François Migeon, a founding partner of 8’18’’, first met 20 years ago on a project that set a seemingly impossible challenge – to build a water tower no one would notice. Light would be the starting point of their relationship, as the solution they chose was to stand the notion on its head by showing off the structure, magnifying it and lighting it so it appears lighter and blends into the landscape. (more…)