“The ephemeral on stage” an hommage to Estate Romana’s ‘Teatrino Scientifico’

Estate Romana –Roman Summer– was an initiative that took cultural activities out of their traditional homes into the streets, the archaeological sites, the parks and public space. On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, MAXXI has partially reconstructed of one of its most iconic locations: the Teatrino Scientifico.


Interiors of the Teatrino scientifico by Franco Purini & Laura Thermes, Il meraviglioso Urbano, via Sabotino, 1979  © Courtesy Fondazione MAXXI

Teatrino scientifico by Franco Purini & Laura Thermes, Il meraviglioso Urbano, 1979 © Fondazione MAXXI


Forty years after its original installment, MAXXI remembers ‘Estate Romana‘ through the recontruction of one of it’s most symbolic structures: the Teatrino Scientifico of Franco Purini and Laura Thermes.

Under the name of “The ephemeral on stage“, MAXXI is presenting a project that, with a series of shows, conferences and workshops devoted to discussion of its heritage and its currency, celebrates the 40th anniversary of the first edition of the Estate Romana and underlines the potential of cultural and artistic activities as primary instruments of the redevelopment of the city and the communities that inhabit it. (more…)

“Franco Purini and the art of design”. Drawings reflecting on modernism, at Casa dell’Architettura

Franco Purini’s drawings, tangent to art, architecture and design, will be on show at the Casa dell’Architettura in Rome until April 17, 2015.  The show focuses on his work, but also draws attention to the Italian tradition of “architettura disegnata” and its role nowadays.


The series and the Paradigm. Franco Purini and design among the modernists.

The series and the Paradigm. Franco Purini and the art of design among the modernists.


Casa dell’Architettura in Rome is now featuring a small exhibition on the work of Franco Purini, an Italian architect, famous for his expressive drawings that join the spirit of modernist architecture, art and design. Along with the exhibition, which will be on show until April 17, the curators Pier Federico Caliari and Carola Gentilini have also organizd a short symposium, coinciding with the opening ceremony, reflecting on the Italian tradition of “paper architecture” and its contemporary role.