“Tubology – Our lives in tubes” at FRAC Grand Large

Tubes are everywhere! Inside us – we’re made of tubes: auditory, digestive, bronchial and so on and so forth. All around us – in our Hauts-de-France Region you can hardly ignore the factory chimneys still standing up and down the coast. Outside us – the pipes and post-industrial cables that mean we can be connected and linked up with each other, with all the potential for doing things remotely offered by the Internet.


"Tubology - Our lives in tubes" exhibition view © FRAC

“Tubology – Our lives in tubes” exhibition view © FRAC


But here’s the thing: all this striving not to “go down the tubes” is generating an ecological emergency. So what kinds of mental, social and environmental ecologies do we need to take proper care of ourselves and others, humans and non-humans (animals, plants, minerals, etc.)? How can we do away with local and global hierarchies within the system of overall interconnectivity that is our lot today? (more…)