“Forum for an Attitude” at Vitra Design Museum Gallery

Through a presentation of the works, objects, texts and infographics, the exhibition analyzes what drives contemporary designers and how their attitude is reflected in their creative output. In addition to the exhibition at the Vitra Design Museum Gallery, five multi-day events will be held at Depot Basel on various focal themes.


Exhibition view "Forum for an Attitude" © Tomas Souček for Depot Basel

Exhibition view “Forum for an Attitude” © Tomas Souček for Depot Basel


What is the ambition of designers today? Why did they become designers? What kind of social influence do they hope to achieve? What image of design is conveyed to society? And how can an attitude be expressed in design? The exhibition »Forum for an Attitude« (16.10.2015 – 14.02.2016) considers these questions and presents answers and positions on the topic. (more…)