“HAMR – Huť architektury Martin Rajniš” at Concéntrico festival in Logroño

Martin Rajniš is a Czech architect based in Prague. Alongside David Kubík and Tomáš Kosnar he conducts the office of HAMR, a collective of people actively seeking new solutions to architecture, urbanism and design. The office designs and constructs unique buildings in the Czech Republic as well as across the world. He was member of the jury of the BigMat Architecture Award 2015.


"HAMR – Huť architektury Martin Rajniš" © Concéntrico

“HAMR – Huť architektury Martin Rajniš” © Concéntrico


Text by HAMR. We are a small, but in terms of output a very productive office. The name, Architecture Guild, is inspired by the medieval mines and guilds that have built some of the most prominent buildings of their era. And we really do mean it – in terms of the name as well as the architecture. For us, architecture is a mystical journey through life. (more…)

“Concéntrico 04” International Architecture and Design Festival

Concéntrico 04 is the fourth edition of Logroño’s International Festival of Architecture and Design, a reflection on the urban environment and the city. The Festival invites you to explore the city through installations, exhibitions, discussions, activities and performances, creating a connection between places, squares, streets, terraces and hidden spaces that usually go unnoticed.


"Amanita muscaria" information pavilion, Patricia Ramos Mateos, Miriam Alonso Barrio and Paula Mena Albarrán © Concéntrico

“Amanita muscaria” information pavilion, Patricia Ramos Mateos, Miriam Alonso Barrio and Paula Mena Albarrán © Concéntrico


Each installation is created by a team of architects and/or designers who make proposals, experiment and explore new fields of design with their environment, thereby establishing a dialogue between heritage and contemporary architecture, which seeks to activate citizens’ reflection on these spaces. Multiple different suggested routes for an unconventional look at the city, to awaken the desire to reclaim the joy of spaces, of the city. (more…)

Open House Madrid invites people to discover more than 100 buildings

The third edition of the Open House Madrid festival returns the weekend of 30 September and 1 October with the opening of more than 100 buildings and urban spaces, some of them whose waiting lists exceed two years.


IE Paper Pavilion / Shigeru Ban Architects © FG + SG

IE Paper Pavilion / Shigeru Ban Architects © FG + SG


The festival includes spaces such as the IE Paper Pavilion of the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, the 2014 Pritzker prize, the new Desert City space, the first biotechnology nursery specializing in cacti, by the architect Jacobo García-Germán, or SOLO gallery for the art collection by estudioHerreros. (more…)

Discover all about Open House Lisbon 2017!

This 6th edition of Open House Lisboa happens Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September 2017. On this weekend, everyone is invited to walk through the city’s iconic buildings as well as more recent projects. Save this date!


MAAT - Edifício Novo,  Amanda Levete Architects, 2016 © Francisco Nogueira

MAAT – Edifício Novo, Amanda Levete Architects, 2016 © Francisco Nogueira


In 2017, Open House Lisbon return during the cultural rentrée with a new itinerary so you can discover inside out and up close the best architecture in town. Annually, each edition proposes a new and careful selection of buildings that lets us see emblematic works in the city, their stories and authors. (more…)

Discover the 2017 Pilsen ‘Landscape Festival’ on it’s fifth anniversary

This yearly event, taking place from May to September, focuses on the many possibilities of the perception of our surroundings from an architectural approach. Exhibitions and site-specific installations set up a background for public dialog regarding landscape and architecture both in the Czech Republic and abroad.


OTTOTTO, workshop parallel path  © Matej Vesely

OTTOTTO, workshop parallel path  © Matej Vesely


From May to September, the landscape and public space of this West Bohemian metropolis will be the platform for a public dialogue on the possibilities of the perception of our surroundings. Once again, the Festival will present many inspiring exhibitions with examples of high-quality Czech as well as foreign landscape creations.

However, it is especially the site-specific installations by Czech and foreign artists and architects, which trigger a discussion on the future development and work potential in a modern and well-functioning city. In addition, debates, lectures, conferences and workshops on Festival themes will be held within the accompanying programme. (more…)

Visit Madrid’s most emblematic buildings during OPEN HOUSE architecture festival

In its second edition, the Festival has signed an agreement with the local Architects’ Guild (COAM) whereby OPEN HOUSE Madrid will be held on the 1st and 2nd of October, during the city’s “Architecture Week”, opening over 100 buildings and urban spaces to the general public.


Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute, Fernando Higueras y Antonio Miró, 1965


The city’s most emblematic buildings will be open to the public on the first weekend of October, celebrating Madrid’s Architecture Week. Over 40 new buildings and urban spaces will join the previous year’s circuit, with over 25,000 visitors: historical buildings such as the National Senate Building, the Zarzuela Theatre, or the National Car Park -where the official car fleet is kept-, as well as recently completed contemporary buildings like the BBVA sail building (by Herzog & de Meuron) or the Repsol Campus, by Spanish architect Rafael de la Hoz. (more…)

“Olivo Barbieri – Italian quakes and other diseases” at Gibellina Photoroad

The rich programme of this first edition of the festival includes exhibitions, talks, portfolio reviews, workshops and much more. Thirty photo exhibitions featuring internationally renowned artists will be showcased alongside artworks by emerging artists. During opening days the exhibitions will be accompanied by a series of talks and debates.


Site Specific, Napoli © Olivo Barbieri

Site Specific, Napoli © Olivo Barbieri


The first edition of the Festival explores the theme of Disorder: a keyword bound to our time and a term clearly characterised by catastrophes, upheavals and experimentation. It is neither chaos nor anarchy. It is rather a continuous, non-linear movement opposed to static order, one that produces a series of original connections that are fundamental for art, the avant-garde and revolutions to bloom. (more…)

Discover the must-see architecture of Madrid at Open House Madrid 2015

For the first time the international festival of architecture and city, Open House, arrives to Madrid. The 26th and September 27th anyone will be allowed to visit nearly 100 buildings and urban areas of the capital, some of which are not usually accessible to the public.


Centro de Estudios Hidrograficos. Miguel Fisac.

Centro de Estudios Hidrograficos. Miguel Fisac


This is the case of the Bank of Spain. During the festival there are two kind of visits in this historic building. One of architectural character, in which you can tour the 100,000 m² building that contains interventions made by Rafael Moneo and Mansilla + Tuñón with the help of a guide; in the other visit you can see the art collection housed in the Bank.



Almada Theatre Festival, celebrating theatre and architecture in Lisbon

Within the framework of the 32nd edition of the Almada Theatre Festival, Lisbon will be host to a series of events dedicated to the relationship between theater and architecture through the initiative “Giving place to the happening” with the participation of Luis Amalia Rodrigues Carnero, Tim Simon and João Quintela, among others.


Povera Pavilion by Tim Simon and João Quintela

Povera Pavilion by Tim Simon and João Quintela © Diana Quintela


This year marks the 10th anniversary of the inauguration of the Joaquim Benite Municipal Theatre in Lisbon, designed by the architects Manuel Graça Dias and Egas José Vieira . To mark the date, the Almada Festival created a cycle dedicated to the relationship between theater and architecture .

The highlight of this initiative will be the Povera Pavilion , designed by architects João Quintela and Tim Simon, who are also curators of the other activities programmed. In between theater performances, workshops, exhibitions, educational service initiatives, conferences and debates, it will still be possible to make a tour to the ” Blue Theatre “, guided by Manuel Graça Dias,  who will explain some of the stories that are at the origin of the architectural decisions for the project. (more…)

Landscape Festival Praha 2015 and CZECHSCAPE exhibition at Jaroslav Fragner Gallery

The CZECHSCAPE exhibition deals with the increasingly discussed theme of landscape architecture. This showcase of Czech creations, with generous overlap into other related disciplines, deliberately exceeds the borders of conventional understanding of the field.


Exhibition image © Czechscape Exhibition / Jaroslav Fragner Gallery

Exhibition image © Czechscape Exhibition / Jaroslav Fragner Gallery


The third year of the interdisciplinary festival tries to present the public space and landscape using the media, photography, design and contemporary art. The Czech public has a great interest in the quality of public space, which is an important factor in the development of society. The proof is in attendance of the last year’s festival in 2014, which reached almost 30 000 visitors in three months. A very important factor was the participation of both professional architects and artists, and the involvement of many volunteers, NGOs and students who participated in the multi-layered structure of the program. This year the festival will be held in three locations – Prague 1, Prague 3 and Prague 6. (more…)