“Interpretazione di una forma” Claudio Nardulli’s form and matter at Casa dell’Architettura

The exhibition shows Claudio Nardulli’s reflections and reinterpretation of Felix Candela’s concrete shells, displaying a photographic essay done by the artist, as well as a marble sculpture which echoes the building’s shapes.


"Interpretazione di una forma" Claudio Nardulli © Casa dell'Architettura

“Interpretazione di una forma” Claudio Nardulli © Casa dell’Architettura


Casa dell’Architettura in Rome has inaugurated an exhibition by Italian artist Claudio Nardulli entitled “Interpretation of a form“. This exhibition, which has been curated by Barbara Martusciello, displays several photographs made by the artist in which he shares a personal view on Felix Candela‘s well known Oceanografic building in Valencia, Spain. The pictures reflect Nardulli’s interest on form and materiality.