“LR100-Rinascente: Stories of Innovation” at Palazzo Reale in Milan

OMA/AMO have led the team in charge of the in-depth research and stunning exhibition displays in each of the 12 rooms of the Palazzo Reale where dozens of objects stand side by side telling the story of the most distinguished Italian department store.


LR100 Rinascente: Stories of Innovation  © Agostino Osio

LR100 Rinascente: Stories of Innovation © Agostino Osio


The Palazzo Reale in Milan hosts an exhibition celebrating La Rinascente‘s 100 years’ anniversary. The Italian department store that changed Milan and became a symbol of prosperity in the whole of Italy is now the protagonist of a comprehensive exhibition following in-depth research by curators Sandrina Bandera and Maria Canella and OMA/AMO, who have also been in charge of the exhibition’s displays along with Ippolito Pestellini Lapparelli and Antonio Barone.

A wide arrange of objects, ephemera, clothing and photographs stand together in a stunning layout to better understand the importance of this 20th Century icon of fashion and lifestyle.


“The Extraordinary Process” exhibition of the workshop imagined by Zaha Hadid

The Extraordinary Process highlights Zaha Hadid Design’s position as a collaborative workshop, exposing the creative process of a variety of makers including Peter Do, Phoebe English, Iris van Herpen, Stephen Jones, Krystyna Kozhoma, Nasir Mazhar, Minimaforms, Patrik Schumacher and XO. 


Installation view of designs by Design Research Lab ©  Damian Griffiths

Installation view of designs by Design Research Lab © Damian Griffiths


Gallery Maison Mais Non presents its inaugural exhibition, The Extraordinary Process from 16 September to 16 November 2016. Evolving from discussions between Maison Mais Non, Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher last year, fashion designers and architects will examine innovative technologies of the present to imagine how these will evolve and shape the world of the future. (more…)