“Neocodomousse” exhibition by Raumlaborberlin at LiFE Saint-Nazaire

Raumlabor’s largest exhibition this year is an experimental building workshop in the former submarine base of St.Nazaire. In the exhibition the collective present their first 1:1 tryouts of structures for the future of collective housing. 


Exhibition view Raumlaborberlin, Neocodomousse, 2016 LiFE - Grand Café contemporary art centre, Saint-Nazaire France ©  Marc Domage

Exhibition view Raumlaborberlin, Neocodomousse, 2016 LiFE – Grand Café contemporary art centre, Saint-Nazaire France © Marc Domage


St. Nazaire is an industrial harbor town at the mouth of the Loire. It lives of the production of the largest passenger ships on earth, aeroplanes and fuel. Fuel is at its end and aeroplanes and cruiseships are among the greatest killers of our climate. Based on these three foundations the city is obviously an economic center of an ending era. What are the possible futures for such a place? Raumlabors proposal for St.Nazaire is to get a foot in the door of a new emerging market:  the production of collective space from industrial waste.  (more…)

“Experimental Architectures” the permanent gallery at Frac Centre Orléans

For the first time the public will have access to the collection through about a hundred works divided into four themes, offering the most complete vision possible of a unique collection, devoted to experimental architecture (utopian, visionary, forward-looking) from the 1950s to the present day.


Superstudio, Monumento Continuo, 1969 @ FRAC Centre

Superstudio, Monumento Continuo, 1969 @ FRAC Centre


The permanent gallery offers a voyage of architectural and urban experiments of the 1950s to the present. At the rate of four themes – Nomads, Blocks, Screens, Home – this course reveals the visionary and utopian approaches that have disrupted architecture of the second half of the twentieth century. (more…)