“The Return of the Snake” Mathias Goeritz and the Invention of Emotional Architecture

The work on show employs the principle of “emotional architecture” as the theme to build upon and articulate its exhibition discourse

"Torres de Satélite" Mathias Goeritz and Luis Barragán. Mexico 1957

“Torres de Satélite” Mathias Goeritz and Luis Barragán. Mexico 1957


Open to the public until April 13 of 2015, the exhibition proposes a survey of the emblematic works by Goeritz as it underscores the manner in which his body of work and his artistic endeavor emerges from the assumption of art as a meta-artistic project that also extends to the social, political and public realms. This exhibition represents an approach to the work of Mathias Goeritz (Danzig, 1915 – Mexico City, 1990), produced after he settled in Mexico in 1949. In his theoretical and practical output, spanning four decades, rational utopia and Neo-primitivism converge, factors that stem from his own biography: his journey through different cities in Europe and North Africa (1948), his stint in Spain, and his participation in the preliminaries to the Primera Semana de Arte in Santillana del Mar (September 1949), as well as his contact with Mexican culture. (more…)