“The Gulliver Airship” at DOX Centre for Contemporary Art Prague

The exhibition describes the conceptual side of the creation of the airship, its inspirations, technical design, and its construction. This permanent monumental architectural intervention in the shape of an airship was inspired by the idea to invade the DOX Centre’s modern industrial building with a “parasitic“ structure that would contrast with its existing architecture.


"The Gulliver Airship" © DOX Centre

“The Gulliver Airship” © DOX Centre


In 2013 the DOX Centre’s director, Leoš Válka, contacted internationally acclaimed architect Martin Rajniš, the 2014 winner of the Global Prize for Sustainable Architecture. For more than two years together with wood and steel specialists they worked on the design of what finally turned out to be a 42m long and 10m wide structure inspired by the shapes of the giant airships that began to cruise the skies at the dawn of the twentieth century. (more…)