“The Construction Project. From Sketches to Built Architecture” at COAM Madrid

The ‘Building Approval’ is a generally little known process, which nevertheless is key when carrying out architecture projects. The exhibition shows the detail put into the actual construction design of some of Madrid’s most iconic modernist buildings through plans and original documents.


 Torres Blancas, by Saenz de Oiza "El Proyecto Visado"  © COAM

Torres Blancas, by Saenz de Oiza “El Proyecto Visado” © COAM



The Fundación Arquitectura COAM -Madrid Municipal Architect’s Association- has inaugurated an exhibition with original drawings of the main works of modern architects in Madrid. Under the title The Construction Project. From Sketches to Built Architecture’, the exhibition brings together plans and original documents of the architectural icons of Madrid, such as buildings by Alejandro de la Sota, Sáenz de Oiza, Genaro Alas or Eleuterio Población.  (more…)

“DETAILS, architecture seen in section” opening at Politecnico di Milano

The exhibition will feature over 200 details from fifty renown international architectural firms, each contributing a selection of detail section drawings from their projects. The exhibition is the result of a wider research on current trends in construction.


 © “Details. Architecture seen in section” Research project.


The exhibition “DETAILS, architecture seen in section” opened last Wednesday at the Guido Nardi exhibition space, at the School of Architecture and Society of Milan Politecnico. DETAILS will stay open until February 27. Three international guests, Grafton Architects, Yvonne Farrell, Peter Maerkli, and Christian Schittich (editor in chief of the DETAIL journal) were invited to the inauguration.