“Utopia in a Finite World” at the Giardini

The Flanders Architecture Institute organises an interactive programme of lectures, debates and workshops that will take place in various national pavilions at the Biennale Architettura 2016 to reflect on how architecture can redefine the city. The economic climate and the idea of utopia are the main topics in these discussions.


Utopia in a Finite World (Interpretation of Magritte's Le château des Pyrénées)

Utopia in a Finite World (Interpretation of Magritte’s Le château des Pyrénées)


Christoph Grafe, director of the Flanders Architecture Institute reflects about the topics on display at Utopia in a Finite World: In architecture, Utopian visions became synonymous with large-scale planning, developed by unholy alliances of idealistic planners and opaque bureaucracies, disregarding the needs of real people.[…] New conflicts and resurfacing old ones; a growing inequality; migrations on an unprecedented scale; ecological threats and economic crises; all these phenomena are a reminder that societies need visions beyond maintaining the status quo. […] Utopian visions may have become rare, but they are perhaps more necessary than ever.