‘Art of Many and The Right to Space’ the Biennale’s Danish Pavilion exhibition at DAC Copenhagen

With more than 130 architectural models, the exhibition fills DAC from basement to attic, giving visitors a fascinating insight into what makes Danish architecture unique and so popular abroad.


'Art of the Many and the Right to Space'  exhibition © Danish Architecture Center

‘Art of the Many and the Right to Space’ exhibition © Danish Architecture Center


The Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) will be showing from 7 July to 1 October ‘Art of Many and The Right to Space’, the Danish contribution to the most recent Venice Biennale of Architecture.

The Biennale is the most prestigious architecture event in the world, and countries from around the globe exhibit their own interpretations of a specific theme. While the Biennale attracts international visitors, the exhibition at DAC opens to a Danish audience, who will undoubtedly recognise the libraries, hospitals and childcare centres from their daily lives. The exhibition also provides fresh insights into what makes these buildings special.