“The Gulliver Airship” at DOX Centre for Contemporary Art Prague

The exhibition describes the conceptual side of the creation of the airship, its inspirations, technical design, and its construction. This permanent monumental architectural intervention in the shape of an airship was inspired by the idea to invade the DOX Centre’s modern industrial building with a “parasitic“ structure that would contrast with its existing architecture.


"The Gulliver Airship" © DOX Centre

“The Gulliver Airship” © DOX Centre


In 2013 the DOX Centre’s director, Leoš Válka, contacted internationally acclaimed architect Martin Rajniš, the 2014 winner of the Global Prize for Sustainable Architecture. For more than two years together with wood and steel specialists they worked on the design of what finally turned out to be a 42m long and 10m wide structure inspired by the shapes of the giant airships that began to cruise the skies at the dawn of the twentieth century. (more…)

“Kengo Kuma: Woven” at Galerie Architektury Brno

The exhibition presents fifteen of the Japanese architect’s recent projects in Europe, focusing on his sensitive approach to the combination of modern technologies with traditional Japanese building materials.


Yushuhara Wooden Bridge Museum 3, 2010 © Takumi Ota

Yushuhara Wooden Bridge Museum 3, 2010 © Takumi Ota


The exhibition, named “Woven” will be open from October 6 to November 20 at Galerie Architektury Brno. On display will be many panels and studio models of over 15 recent projects from Kuma’s office (such as the new FRAC Marseille, an educational and sports complex in Paris, a Centre for Performing Arts in Granada or a exhibition centre in Chartes).


“Architecture and Wine in Central Europe” exhibition at Gallery of Architecture in Brno

The phenomenon of recent years in the world of winemaking – linking contemporary architecture with new technologies – is represented in the new exhibition in the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery entitled “Architecture and Wine in Central Europe”.


Winery Brič, Slovinsko © A & I Photography

Winery Brič, Slovinsko © A & I Photography


The exhibition presents nearly forty realisations of Winery Architecture in seven countries and is accompanied by a 200-page publication. The project is open in Brno until 11th September after first venue at Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, Prague and several venues around cities of Central Europe (Wroclaw, Budapest, Merano, Bratislava and Znojmo). (more…)

Reporting from the front: 2016 Belgian and Czech+Slovak Pavilions at the Venice Biennale

Craftmanship and scarcity are this year’s themes for the Belgian National Pavilion, curated by BRAVURE – architecten De Vydler Vink Tailleu, Doorzon and Filip Dujardin. On the other hand, the Czech and Slovak Pavilion focuses on the issue of the political load of architectural heritage and its preservation.


Filip Dujardin, ‘memorial I’ © Filip Dujardin


This year’s Belgian National Pavilion has taken craftmanship and scarcity as main theme for the exhibits. The exhibition’s title is Craft(wo)manship and the city, and has been organized by four important representatives of Belgium architecture: the Flanders Architecture Institute (VAi) and BRAVOURE, a curatorial team made up of Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu, doorzon intereiurarchitecten and photographer Filip Dujardin.

BRAVOURE brings together fragments of thirteen projects by a same number of guest-architects: through a copy of each fragment (scale 1:1) and a serie of images they will show how craftsmanship can shape space, also exploring what craftsmanship can mean during a period of economic scarcity. (more…)

Bohuslav Fuchs oeuvre at Jaroslav Fragner Gallery

The Gallery of Architecture in Brno presents the exhibition which was created for the 120th anniversary of birth one of the biggest Czechoslovak architect. This project is realized in co-operation with The Brno City Museum and The Czech Television with a financial support of The Statutory City of Brno and The Czech Architecture Foundation.


Bohuslav Fuchs exhibition © Brno Municipal Museum

Bohuslav Fuchs exhibition © Brno Municipal Museum


Why is the mark of  Bohuslav Fuchs‘ lifework so exceptional and inspiring, not only in his the time but also nowadays? The exhibition tries to answer those questions with the help of twelve comments of contemporary significant architects, annotating twelve projects of Bohuslav Fuchs. Annotations are extended by technical drawing, original photos and pictures of the buildings in their present condition.


“Zdeněk Fránek. The Scale and Measure” at Jaroslav Fragner Gallery Prague

Fránek Architects: The Scale and Measure exhibition at Prague’s Jaroslav Fragner Gallery will show how contemporary architecture relates to the public. The leading architectural studio in the Czech Republic will introduce its profile projects of recent times: the Skywalk observation tower in Dolní Morava, a study of the residential Face House in Prague as well as the energy self-sufficient Liko Noe building.


“The Skywalk” by Zdeněk Fránek Architects © Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice

“The Skywalk” by Zdeněk Fránek Architects © Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice


Despite different typologies, construction and technologies, all three projects share an unusual extent of intervention. These projects move the public and place questions abstracting from the discipline of architecture itself. They shift and define the level of tolerance, imagination and empathy. The exhibition itself reaches out to both the audience and users through their interactive concepts, based on an intensive understanding of the space and environment of the buildings. (more…)

“The Skywalk” tower in the mountains by Zdeněk Fránek Architects

“The Trail Among The Clouds” is a conceptual building which offers visitors an intense sensation of walking in the clouds and experience the space above the landscape. There are various attractions including a slide, nets and nests in the building for those who seek adventure or entertainment.


"The Skywalk" by Zdeněk Fránek Architects © Zdeněk Fránek Architects

“The Skywalk” by Zdeněk Fránek Architects © Zdeněk Fránek Architects


The entrance building is of a slightly oval shape much like a rowboat. Its construction is made of glued wooden beams set into a wooden grid supported by columns. The architectural approach was for the building to blend with it’s unique surrounding rather then to disturb it. This was the reason for using wood for the major part of the construction, and making the rails and mounts as subtle as possible. (more…)

“Sacral Space” exhibition at Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague

The exhibition featured selected examples of contemporary religious architecture, mostly chapels that capture with the combination of spirituality and earthly life. Buildings of renowned authors as Mario Botta, Peter Zumthor, Christian Kerez, Marte.Marte and Fernando Menis are presented by minimalist models and photographs.


Chapel sv. Jana Křtitele_Mario Botta © Pino Musi

Chapel sv. Jana Křtitele, Mario Botta © Pino Musi


Sacral architecture is not in the centre of contemporary architectural considerations. However, this does not mean that it will disappear completely or is deteriorating in terms of quality. The “Sacral Space” exhibition presents 25 chapels in the main area of the gallery. This not too extensive architecture is mediated through small-scale models with their immediate surroundings and especially by photographs of the interiors. The play of light can be impressively captured in an image, however, direct spatial experience is more accurate. That is why an object on the borderline of architecture and fine arts dominates the exhibition premises. It is a fragment of architecture with a mosaic of selected examples of lighting composition in the space of contemporary chapels. (more…)

“Antonín Raymond 7×” at Galerie Architektury Brno

From next week to end of January, Galerie Architektury Brno presents a selection of the works by one of the most significant Czech architects – Antonín Raymond – who is paradoxically better known in Japan and the USA.


Kostel sv. Anselma © Kazuyoshi Miyamoto

Kostel sv. Anselma © Kazuyoshi Miyamoto


Antonín Raymond, born in Kladno, Czech Republic, (1888-1976) is among the most interesting Czech architects of the 20th century. He began his career in the studio of Cass Gilbert during the construction of the first skyscraper in New York, then he was assistant to Frank Lloyd Wright building the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, his studio was founded in 1921 (studio has been continuously working until present days, led by Raymond’s successor Shigefumi R. Tsuchiya). The architect´s lifelong support was his wife, artist Noémi, who besides their own projects participated at the works of Raymond. (more…)

Pezo von Ellrichshausen’s “Finite Format” at House of Art of České Budějovice

The exhibition in České Budějovice consists of two parts: “Finite Format” and “Infinite Motive” – two works that confirm PvE’s approach and can help us to understand not only artistic qualities in architecture but also the architectural attributes of works of art.


“Infinite Motive” exhibition Pezo von Ellrichshausen © České Budějovice House of Art

“Infinite Motive” exhibition Pezo von Ellrichshausen © České Budějovice House of Art


Over the past more than ten years, the chilean studio Pezo von Ellrichshausen have created a remarkably concise body of work, with a distinctive signature style, independent of the latest trends, and with a clear eye towards designing structures imbued with enduring value.

The studio garnered widespread attention – not just from the professional community – with the 2005 Poli House, situated on the rocky shore of the Pacific Ocean 500 kilometers from Santiago de Chile. This remarkable building can be seen as representative of the studio’s work: a sense for material, form and light, a comfortable space created by the limited range of materials – primarily wood and exposed concrete. (more…)