Opening of Centro Botín, cultural facilities by Renzo Piano Building Workshop

The building lies on the edge of Pereda Gardens, hovering 20 meters over the sea. Composed by two lobal-shaped volumes, the Centro Botín reflects the sunlight and the sparkles of the water through 280,000 small ceramic tiles that cover the building’s façade.


Centro Botín. Renzo Piano Building Workshop, 2017 © Enrico Cano

Centro Botín. Renzo Piano Building Workshop, 2017 © Enrico Cano


Renzo Piano Building Workshop’s latest construction, the Centro Botín in Santander, Spain, was inagurated last week. The building is a Cultural and Arts Centre for the Botín Foundation, which has a history of over 50 years of dissemination and promotion of educational programmes in the realms of the arts and culture, education, science and rural development.

Besides the building design, the surrounding public garden area has also been renovated by creating an underground tunnel and restoring existing small-scale buildings in the park in order to adapt them to new uses, such as cafeteria, visitor’s information and tourist office, etc. The garden design also comprises the implementation of a series of fountain sculptural works by Cristina Iglesias, a renowned Spanish sculptor famous for her naturalistic pieces.


“City in Process” at CentroCentro: new spaces for culture in Madrid

City in Process (Ciudad en proceso) is the fourth and final show in the Architecture, City and Thought Hub (Concentrador de arquitectura, ciudad y pensamiento) series of exhibitions curated by Inés Caballero. On this occasion, the space presents a reflection on the practices involved in developing spaces for culture currently underway in Madrid.


ColeccionSOLO © EstudioHerreros

ColeccionSOLO © estudioHerreros


The event presents five projects currently underway: Dos de Mayo Art Centre by the Office For Political Innovation; El Capricho Palace Museum by Cuarq Arquitectos; the SOLO Collection by Estudio Herreros; the Mahou Space by Héctor Fernández Elorza; and GRIGRI Pixel by Enorme Estudio. (more…)