“Habitar Portugal 12-14” exhibition in Lisbon: Portuguese architecture during the crisis

Since 2003, the Portuguese Order of the Architects organizes a series of exhibitions to recollect the most relevant and interesting work by Portuguese architects in the last two years. This year’s edition of Habitar Portugal reflects on the consequences of the economic crisis and their effect on architecture.


HabitarPortugal 1214 exhibition view © Joao Morgado - Architecture Photography

HabitarPortugal 1214 exhibition view © Joao Morgado – Architecture Photography


The present edition of Habitar Portugal has been entitled “Está a arquitetura sob resgate?” –Is architecture being rescued?”; a clear reference to the “rescue” of the  Portuguese economy in recent years. The exhibitions, which will travel around Portugal, reflect on the issue of the economic crisis and how it has affected Portugese architecture. (more…)

“Stakeout Survey” abandoned territories by Jorge Yeregui at Tabacalera Madrid

The artist’s work -photographs, audiovisual media, and a book- explores these abandoned territories raising questions regarding urban design and landscape practices.


"Stakeout Survey" © Jorge Yeregui

“Stakeout Survey” © Jorge Yeregui


La Fragua Galery in Tabacalera, Madrid hosts a photography exhibition by Spanish artist Jorge Yeregui. Halfway between Robert Smithson’s “Monuments of Passaic”  and the work by Hamish Fulton or Francis AlysYeregui’s photographs and videos portray a series of wastelands and unused spaces which were abandoned and forgotten after the construction industry bubble following the 2008 world economy crisis. (more…)

“Constellation.s: habiter le monde” at Architecture Center Arc en Rêve

Designed by arc en rêve, constellation.s is a project devoted to new ways of living in the world. In spring 2016, it will take the form of a major exhibition, a series or lectures, and a number of publications.


Cedric Delsaux. Constellation.s © Arc en rêve centre d'architecture

Cedric Delsaux. Constellation.s © Arc en rêve centre d’architecture


The world is changing, and the ways we live in it are changing too. More than ever before, architecture and planning – which provide the conditions for urban living – must be conceived in the light of what is no longer there and what is yet to come.