Brussels ‘Corporate Arcadia’ with photographs by Armin Linke, at CIVA Stichting

The exhibition presents the architecture that has actually shaped Brussels over the last 25 years – the company offices, bank headquarters and hotels that have created a corporate landscape since the Brussels-Capital Region was established in 1989.


Corporate Arcadia "Boudewijn Building" CIVA Brussels © Armin Linke

Corporate Arcadia “Boudewijn Building” CIVA Brussels © Armin Linke


This summer, the CIVA Foundation offers a unique perspective on half a century of town planning in Brussels. Two exhibitions take a distinctive look at the development of urban planning and architecture in Brussels and at the treatment of the city’s heritage: Save | Change the City – Unbuilt Brussels #01 examines Brusselisation, in which, at the urging of property developers and politicians, everything had to give way to what was called modern architecture. Corporate Arcadia focuses mainly on the architecture of the 1990s and the early years of this century and how it has shaped the appearance of Brussels today.

The exhibition’s curators are Sophie Dars and Carlo Menon. Editing work was taken care of by Überknackig.   (more…)