“Sáenz de Oíza 1918 – 2018” at COAM Madrid

The COAM Architecture Foundation present at the COAM headquarters “Sáenz de Oíza 1918 – 2018”, title of the commemorative exhibition of the birth of the architect Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza (Cáseda – Navarra 1918), which shows practically all the work of this fundamental figure in Spanish and Madrid architecture in particular.


Palacio Congresos Santander, Saénz Oíza © Ana Amado

Palacio Congresos Santander, Saénz Oíza © Ana Amado


The exhibition takes place in four rooms. The first collects, in chronological order, both the work built and some ideas not made, along with the diverse material that accompanied the study of work of Oiza, as well as the objects of his family and affection of his home. Three unique works are separated from this atmosphere and constitute other spaces collected here today. (more…)

“Spirals of Light – Luis Cubillo and Arcadio Blasco. 1956-1974” at COAM Madrid

Exhibition on the close collaboration between the Madrid architect Luis Cubillo de Arteaga (1921-2000) and the Alicante artist of Mutxamel Arcadio Blasco Pastor (1928-2013) between mid-century, whose work was the perfect counterpoint to the radical architecture of Cubillo.


"Spirals of Light - Luis Cubillo And Arcadio Blasco. 1956-1974" © Roberto Ruiz

“Spirals of Light – Luis Cubillo And Arcadio Blasco. 1956-1974” © Roberto Ruiz


If the usual, especially in the construction of the new temples, was the subordination of the artist to the architect, in his case absolute freedom was given, decisively enriching the buildings of Cubillo, with landmarks such as the church of the town of Canillas and the Castellón Seminar. For the latter he projected the largest window of its kind made in Spain so far, with a gigantic spiral of light that covered the entire sacral space. (more…)