“Victor Horta and Brussels” at CIVA

This exhibition, organised by the Directorate of Monuments and Sites in the Brussels Capital Region, provides an overall introduction to the work of architect Victor Horta with a presentation of his major works built in Brussels.


"Victor Horta and Brussels" Victor Horta © CIVA
“Victor Horta and Brussels” Victor Horta © CIVA


It invites visitors to discover the secrets behind the creative work of one of Art Nouveau’s greatest artists, a movement which revolutionised European spatial and architectural concepts at the dawn of the 20th century. A series of photographs, documents and plans highlight the value of this extraordinary legacy. (more…)

“The Bench: a Microscopy” at CIVA Brussels

Heavy, immobile and commonplace, a bench is one of those objects that one seldom looks at. Our eyes, drawn towards those things that actively invite our attention, slide past it. The exhibition, The Bench : A Microscopy, shifts the focus. It moves the bench from the periphery to the centre of attention and interrogates its relationship, and ours, with its urban and rural surroundings.


"The Bench: a Microscopy" © CIVA

“The Bench: a Microscopy” © CIVA


It also investigates the importance of underlying immaterial structures, such as the ways in which we move around. This project, inspired by Michael Jakob’s book, Poétique du banc, was set up in France in 2016 in the L’Onde art centre in Vélizy-Villacoublay and the Graineterie art centre in Houilles. (more…)

Brussels ‘Corporate Arcadia’ with photographs by Armin Linke, at CIVA Stichting

The exhibition presents the architecture that has actually shaped Brussels over the last 25 years – the company offices, bank headquarters and hotels that have created a corporate landscape since the Brussels-Capital Region was established in 1989.


Corporate Arcadia "Boudewijn Building" CIVA Brussels © Armin Linke

Corporate Arcadia “Boudewijn Building” CIVA Brussels © Armin Linke


This summer, the CIVA Foundation offers a unique perspective on half a century of town planning in Brussels. Two exhibitions take a distinctive look at the development of urban planning and architecture in Brussels and at the treatment of the city’s heritage: Save | Change the City – Unbuilt Brussels #01 examines Brusselisation, in which, at the urging of property developers and politicians, everything had to give way to what was called modern architecture. Corporate Arcadia focuses mainly on the architecture of the 1990s and the early years of this century and how it has shaped the appearance of Brussels today.

The exhibition’s curators are Sophie Dars and Carlo Menon. Editing work was taken care of by Überknackig.   (more…)

Savage Architecture & Freeport – the archive as urban catalyst at CIVA Stichting

CIVA Stichting presents this double exhibition reflecting on the idea of archives carried out by Love di Marco and introducing Davide Sacconi’s research on Gian-Piero Frasinelli’s work with Superstudio and 2A+P/A.


Gian Piero Frassinelli and 2A+P/A - Central Archive of Human Cultures, The Archive and the Offices, 2015 © Gian-Piero Frassinelli & 2A+P/A

Gian Piero Frassinelli and 2A+P/A – Central Archive of Human Cultures, The Archive and the Offices, 2015 © Gian-Piero Frassinelli & 2A+P/A


Architectural  proposals,  texts  and  visual  documents  shown  in  this double  exhibition  come  from various stories and temporalities. Savage Architecture unveils an approach that covers almost 50 years (1968-­‐2015) comprising prophetic texts and architectural projects while Freeport -­‐  The  archive as urban catalyst conveys the development of a reflection through the framework of the an academic  year. (more…)

“Robert Mallet-Stevens” exhibition at CIVA Brussels

The exhibition proposes an itinerary across the work of Mallet-Stevens, richly illustrated by drawings, photos, historical documents, furniture and textiles.


Robert Mallet-Stevens  © Robert Mallet-Stevens, CIVA

Robert Mallet-Stevens © Robert Mallet-Stevens, CIVA


Robert Mallet-Stevens is one of the major figures of French architecture during the period between WWI and WWII. It is to him that we owe the villa Noailles in Hyères and the villa Cavrois near Lille, as well as the mansion houses on the rue Mallet-Stevens, smong many other works. (more…)

“Archetypes: Turkish architecture through the ages” at CIVA Brussels

The exhibition focuses on the grounds of Turkish architecture into the contemporary world, emphasizing on the creation and evolution of the so-called Turkish archetypes, born out of the tradition of Islamic art and philosophy.


"Archetypes" Exhibition display © Photo: Sinan Logie

“Archetypes” Exhibition display © Photo: Sinan Logie


From the very first human settlements until today, the history of Anatolia has been marked by numerous waves of transformation, revival, and re-appropriation. This dynamic and continuous dialogue between past and present is also reflected in the history of its architecture whose archetypical elements (tent, minaret, column, caravanserai, etc.,) have endured through the ages and are still discernible today in many contemporary creations.

“Archetypes: Architecture in Turkey through  the ages”, organized by CIVA in collaboration with EUROPALIA, is an exhibition offering a unique and comparative reading of Turkish architectural history in relation to contemporary projects via several case studies originating from different regions and eras, brought to life in models, architectural drawings, photographs and films. (more…)

“La Ciudad abierta de Amereida, Chile. Utopia in Progress” at CIVA

Besides the architectural drawings, models and videos tracing it’s history, unveiled in an audiovisual scenography, the exhibition appeals to the challenges adopted by its foundations, which are artistically reproduced on the walls. Philosophy and poetry, two essential elements of the process of teaching at Valparaiso faculty are fundamental guide to visitors.


Cementery. La Ciudad abierta de Amereida, Chile. Utopia in Progress © CIVA

Cementery. La Ciudad abierta de Amereida, Chile. Utopia in Progress © CIVA


The Ciudad Abierta, founded in 1970 on Ritoque sand dunes, north of Valparaiso, was born out of the encounter between poetry and different professions, united in the search for a consonance between speech and action. The project dates back to the 50s when the Design and Architecture School of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso in Chile primed a process of research and reflection on their own work, guided by the poetic word. (more…)

Exhibition about Mies van der Rohe’s Villa Tugendhat opens in CIVA  Brussels

The exhibition on the Tugendhat Villa is composed of 14 comprehensive topics dealing with the history of the villa in several time periods. Accompanying texts of individual “chapters” do not directly follow up on each other in their structure.


Villa Tugendhat © David Zidlicky

Villa Tugendhat © David Zidlicky


On September 23 from 7 pm a festive opening of the Vila Tugendhat exhibition will be held in the spaces of CIVA – The International Centre for Urbanism, Architecture and Landspace. The opening will be held together with a lecture by the Villa director Iveta Černá called “Beyond of the Glass Room: The many lives of the Villa Tugendhat”. (more…)

“Big Change / Big Chance”: Africa’s opportunities for the new century, now showing at CIVA Brussels.

The exhibition, made for the Triennale di Milano, will be open until March 1, 2015. Its aim is to approach the continent’s potential through a comprehensive analysis of its landscape, infrastructures and urban development posibilities.


Nouackchott, Mauritanie. Photograph by Jerôme Chenal

Nouackchott, Mauritanie. Photograph by Jerôme Chenal


After its presentation at the Milan Triennale from 15 October to 28 December 2014 , CIVA is pleased to welcome  Africa: Big Change / Big Chance , a richly illustrated and commented exhibition reviewing the architectural and urban situation of an ever-changing continent.

The exhibition aims to address the complex panorama of Africa from an architectural point of view in a context of scarce natural resources and growing urbanization. It will be open until March 1, 2015.


“Nove Novos. Emerging Architects from Brazil” at CIVA Brussells

Open from October 22 to December 12, the exhibition will showcase the works of ten under-fourty architects from Brazil.


Pavilhao Humanidade 2012 Ⓒ Leonardo Finotti, Carla Juaçaba

Pavilhao Humanidade 2012 Ⓒ Leonardo Finotti, Carla Juaçaba


Nove Novos is an exhibition on contemporary Brazilian architecture, centered on the work of the youngest generation of architects in this country.  Overshadowed by the work of fellow prestigious architects Oscar Niemeyer or Paulo Mendes da Rocha, the buildings of these young architects are representative of an economically dynamic country with an architecture aside from the white, curvaceous forms and bold, sweeping lines.