“Nicolás Combarro. Form, Action” at CGAC Santiago

Nicolás Combarro (A Coruña, 1979) fits into a new spectrum of artists who work with photography. His work focuses on architecture and the concept of construction in coexistence with and feeding into the practice of documentation and intervention, the latter being understood as taking action on space and the landscape.


ST (Desvelar_Desplazar_I) © Nicolás Combarro

ST (Desvelar_Desplazar_I) © Nicolás Combarro


His work as a professor and curator of exhibitions with outstanding artists such as photographer Alberto García-Alix and painter Miguel Ángel Campano, have enabled him to develop the precision and artistic versatility that define his perception. (more…)

“Strategies of Displacement” exhibition by Antoni Muntadas at CGAC Santiago

Strategies of Displacement is an exhibition that reviews Muntadas’ work through specific projects and incorporates his recent shift towards landscape. The author marks a route that steers towards an unstable territory, one that raises questions, in a selection of projects that converge around three ideas: losing (yourself), disappearing, going (away).


"Strategies of Displacement" exhibition by Antoni Muntadas © CGAC

“Strategies of Displacement” exhibition by Antoni Muntadas © CGAC


Antoni Muntadas (Barcelona, 1942), a figure of reference in international art, is building a transdisciplinary discourse centred on criticism of the media; he places the extensive function of art in interaction with social sciences, the mass media and the new information technologies to reveal the linguistic mechanisms of power. In the seventies he created the term media landscape to give a name to this new landscape, which has been, since then, the main goal of his investigation. (more…)