“RCR. Dream and Nature Catalonia in Venice” at the 2018 Venice Biennale

The project reveals an unknown side to Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta: their most intimate world. All three architects have created a space in which to investigate and rethink humanity’s relationship with the world that can be found in La Vila, in the Bianya valley (Girona), and their project for the Venice Biennale revolves around this.


"RCR. Dream and Nature Catalonia in Venice" © Giuseppe Dall'Arche

“RCR. Dream and Nature Catalonia in Venice” © Giuseppe Dall’Arche


At the presentation of the project to the press, the director of the institute Ramon Llull, Manuel Forcano, pointed out the unusual fact that what is exhibited “is not a finished project, but a work in progress, an idea under construction, ideas to work on, and I like this because it gives it an air of volatility, something open.” Forcano described the Catalan pavilion as a “poem” for its “introspection, intimacy and depth”. (more…)

OE House by Fake Industries Architectural Agonism + aixopluc

The clients wanted a summer house on the ground floor and a winter house on the first floor. The architects also give them the roof and the garden to enjoy the mediterranean climate during spring and autumn, the sunny winter days and the chilly summer nights. The house is placed on a flat spot, and it is planted with hazel trees. It is at the foot of la Mussara range, where strong north-west winds blow.


OE House © photo: José Hevia

OE House © photo: José Hevia


The OE House is a montage. The clients wanted a double house, so they could move from one half to the other, according to their state of mind. They did not like to spend their holidays traveling; they preferred to move downstairs, and do it for real, closing the quarters above. The project provided them with two well-known domestic environments—the open frame of the case study houses for the hedonistic pleasure of the warm season, topped with the interiorized existentialism of Le Corbusier’s Maison Jaoul for the windy months in la Sierra de la Mussara. The resulting exquisite corpse—wrapped by the most Spanish architectural prop of all: the persiana—ensures the schizophrenic differentiation of modes of habitation as much as it negotiates the impossible encounter of both types. (more…)