“Infinito Vão — 90 Years of Brazilian Architecture” at Casa da Arquitectura – Centro Português de Arquitectura

“Infinito Vão” is the first initiative born out of Casa da Arquitectura – Portuguese Centre of Architecture’s permanent archive. Work began two years ago, when Casa decided to build its own archive by bringing together, and curating, different collections on a particular territory and timespan.


Rosa Kliass and Cauduro Martino Avenida Paulista, São Paulo (1973) Casa da Arquitectura Collection

Rosa Kliass and Cauduro Martino, Avenida Paulista, São Paulo (1973) Casa da Arquitectura Collection


Curated by Fernando Serapião and Guilherme Wisnik, the Brazil Collection — the first collection exclusively comprised of non-Portuguese projects — shows the diversity of architectural production from modernity to contemporaneity across 90 years of Brazilian architecture. Its rich and original collection includes 103 projects, with more than 4,700 physical pieces and 45,500 digital pieces — texts, sketches, drawings and models, donated by more than 150 donors —, to which 150 of Casa da Arquitectura’s books and publications were added, along with digital documents and authorised facsimiles given to us by several governmental, educational and cultural institutions, both public and private. These allow us to create a unique documentary base, and to foster new readings on Brazil’s architectural output from the 1920s to the present day. (more…)