“In Time” Carlos Cánovas at ICO Museum Madrid

“In Time” is a journey through the work of Carlos Cánovas from the 80s to the present, featuring 128 photographs grouped into six series: Tapias (1980), Beyond Walls (1983-1990), Vallès Oriental (1990), Landscape of no Return (1993-1994), Anonymous Landscape (1992-2005), and Seventh Heaven (2007-2017). The photographer´s entire body of work constitutes a kind of analytical record of urban transformation.


"In Time" Carlos Cánovas © Carlos Cánovas  / VEGAP

“In Time” Carlos Cánovas © Carlos Cánovas / VEGAP


For this exhibition, Cánovas has sought out space where nature and human intervention converge; interstitial landscapes found in city limits that suggest multiple readings of space, distance, and time. These are concepts that the photographer also incorporates in his personal reflections on photography: «What the photographer does is try to make sure that what is in his images reflect his initial ideas and also, in a way that is perhaps less deliberate but no less important, his doubts». (more…)