“Where I am free” Carlos Bunga at MAAT Lisbon

“Where I am free” is the first exhibition exclusively dedicated to the role of drawing in Carlos Bunga’s oeuvre. This exhibition is the result of a collaboration between the Fundação Carmona e Costa and the MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, which is showing the artist’s first large survey show in Portugal.


Carlos Bunga @ Fundação Carmona e Costa_Courtesy of EDP Foundation © Bruno Lopes


‘My project is a kind of architecture; it’s not a real space but a mental idea.’ Carlos Bunga’s (b.1976) sculptural and painterly structures propose architecture as both body and mindscape. The exhibition begins with a small model of social housing where the artist grew up. It is the beginning of a journey from the miniature to the monumental. Using only cardboard and paint, Bunga builds fantastical architectural models, furniture as sculptures and paintings as immersive environments. (more…)