“Wang Shu, Lu Wenyu. Amateur Architecture Studio” at Arc en Rêve Bordeaux

Wang Shu & Lu Wenyu develop a radically different approach to majority architecture in China as opposed to Chinese architectural traditionalism and an often destructive modernity from which they emancipate themselves.


Complexe Culturel, Fuyang, 2016 © Iwan-Baan

Complexe Culturel, Fuyang, 2016 © Iwan-Baan


Arc en rêve centre d’architecture presents a major exhibition devoted to the work of Chinese architects Wang Shu & Lu Wenyu from 31 May to 28 October in the Large Gallery. Wang Shu & Lu Wenyu, with their firm Amateur Architecture Studio in Hangzhou, have developed an approach that is radically different from most Chinese architecture. Freeing themselves from Chinese architectural traditionalism and often destructive modernity, they have established new practices that are both inventive and critical. (more…)

‘landskatinganywhere’ presents the history of architecture, cities and skateboards

The “landskatinganywhere” exhibition realized by Arc en Rêve, architecture center in Bordeaux, celebrates the practice of skateboarding and its relationship with architecture and the city through a series of photograhs, models and life-scale replicas of skating modules.


'Landskatinganywhere' at arc en rêve centre d'architecture, Bordeaux © Rodolphe Escher

‘Landskatinganywhere’ at arc en rêve centre d’architecture, Bordeaux © Rodolphe Escher


The ambition of landskatinganywhere is to make known and acknowledge skateboarding in its cultural and artistic dimensions. Conflicts of use are real: often perceived as some sort of troublemakers authorized to play in the skateparks, where they have their own “right to the city”, skaters explore, test and negotiate public space.  (more…)

New African Architecture on the spotlight at arc en rêve in Bordeaux

The cultural centre and gallery devoted to architecture is organizing, in partnership with Frac Acquitaine, a competition and exhibition on young architects working in Africa.


Youngs Architects in Africa exhibition © Beatty-Vermeiren

Youngs Architects in Africa exhibition © Beatty-Vermeiren


Arc en rêve centre d’architecture, located in Bordeaux, France presents the exhibition Young Architects in Africa from 24 September to 22 November.

Organised by Architecture-Studio, the competition and exhibition entitled Young Architects in Africa aim to showcase architectural creativity in Africa by turning the spotlight on a young generation of architects that shows great promise from an international perspective. The exhibition focuses on the environmental and participative nature of the projects, which represent the social and community values embodied by young architects in Africa. (more…)