‘Bearth & Deplazes: Amurs’ architecture and identity in the Canton of Graubünden

An inmersive display of large-scale, back-lit photographs by Ralph Feiner and Tonatiuh Ambrosetti introduces the spectator into the “Bündner” world of Bearth & Deplazes, a work in search of the true spirit of local Alpine architecture.


"Bearth & Deplazes: Amurs" exhibition display © Kristyna Dvorakova

“Bearth & Deplazes: Amurs” exhibition display © Kristyna Dvorakova


Amurs (Romansh for Amours – loves) is the title of an exhibition on the building culture of Bearth & Deplazes Architeckten (Valentin Bearth, Andrea Deplazes, and Daniel Ladner), and at the same time, a declaration of love for the Canton of Graubünden. The architects’ work displays their desire and strivings to come as close as possible to whatever “Bündner” might be—far from historical and tourism-based clichés. (more…)