“Relations” by Snøhetta at AUT: a social landscape in which to sit, play and walk

The exhibition features an site-specific installation and a several rooms displaying Snøhetta —and their collaborator’s— work: contrasting designs, materials and prototypes with the finished project, it is possible to see the Norwegian office’s approach to the design process and built architecture.


"Social Landscape" installation at  „Snøhetta: Relations“ © Günter Richard Wett

“Social Landscape” installation at „Snøhetta: Relations“ © Günter Richard Wett


Especially conceived for the aut exhibition, “Relations” makes the interdisciplinary, social and landscape-related approach so characteristic of Snøhetta visible and experiential.

A “social landscape” has been constructed as the main element — one you can lay, sit or walk on — which wants to animate people to a new type of spatial perception or invite them to have a picnic. In addition, a set of projects will be shown with sketches, designs, prototypes, models and photographs.  (more…)

Modern architecture in Northern Italy, in AUT Innsbruck

After the success of “Italomodern 1”, Martin and Werner Feiersinger continue their research focusing on unique architectures: a selection of 130 buildings spanning the whole of Northern Italy, ranging from the experimental, brutalist, neo-realist to architectural “freaks”.


Mario Cereghini, Biwak Grignetta, 1966 – 67 © Werner Feiersinger

Mario Cereghini, Biwak Grignetta, 1966 – 67 © Werner Feiersinger


Martin and Werner Feiersinger curated in 2011 the exhibition “Italo Modern”-accompanied by a publication of the same name-, the first comprehensive inventory of post-war architecture in Northern Italy which established the wide range of different currents; from neo-realists to rationalists, brutalists and what were considered architectural “freaks”.

The success and the great interest in “Italo Modern” encouraged Martin and Werner Feiersinger to continue their  research and travel activities and to present the results in “Italo Modern 2”. With a focus ranging from unique items to experimental, though not necessarily spectacular architectures, the exhibition and book gather more than 130 buildings. All of them are a clear expression of that stage of the economic and cultural boom in which people believed in the architectural design of the future. The display shows projects from Bolzano to Colle di Val’Elsa, from Trieste to San Remo and from the Adriatic Sea all the way up to over 2,000 m.  (more…)