“Case Design – A School in the Making” at Archizoom-EPFL Lausanne

By bringing together a diverse group of builders, designers, farmers, artists, craftsmen, and engineers who share a belief that collaboration and empathy lie at the core of all good work, the Mumbai based architecture practice Case Design creates moments of hospitality, social interaction, reflection, play, ritual, seclusion, performance, and comfort.


Avasara Academy, case design, Transsolar © Ariel Huber


Architecture seems to step back in order to orchestrate a careful balance of multiple operations that meet on a common project. When the Centenary year of the Bauhaus begins, we can to see here a new form of architectural Gesamtkunstwerk. Multidisciplinary influences–including education, art and craft–integrated in an economically viable construction advocates the true Bauhaus’ rationale. (more…)

“Graue Energie” exhibition by Karsten Födinger at Archizoom-EPFL Lausanne

The tools, materials, and manual skills of the construction site have enabled the German artist Karsten Födinger to imagine a genre of sculpture that springs, like that of some of his contemporaries, from a passion for the art of construction. This passion has enabled a radical transformation of contemporary artistic creative processes since the 1960s.


“Graue Energie”  © Karsten Födinger

“Graue Energie” © Karsten Födinger


As an artist, Födinger deals with the concepts of the strength of materials and the statics of structures and uses them to create devices capable of measuring the passage of time, recording the intensity of energy, and countering the precarious nature of equilibrium. Gravity is the invisible force that brings the materials he has selected crashing to the ground and generates their form, traversing his plinths, his pillars and his wedges made of reinforced concrete, steel, and wood. In order to resist that force, all the sculptural members are combined in figures with powerful lines that, in their multiplication and reinforcement, announce the urgent need to react to the imminence of catastrophe. (more…)