“A minor architecture” small scale projects by contemporary European practices

Espacio Valverde in Madrid presents this exhibition featuring minimal intervention -but highly experimental- works by Office KGDVS, García-Germán Arquitectos, Arquitectura-G, MAIO, Dierendock Blancke Architecten and many more.


A minor architecture © Espacio Valverde

A minor architecture © Espacio Valverde


Espacio Valverde presents an exhibition on small, minor commissions made to contemporary European architecture offices in which architects have found a way to express their architectural concerns and experimentation. The exhibition at this gallery in Madrid focuses on the work of fifteen different teams of architects in a small-scale project context, showcasing photographs and project design drawings. (more…)

“Alexander Girard. A Designer’s Universe” the artist’s collections at Vitra

Vitra Design Museum has dedicated this comprehensive exhibition to the life’s work of the multifaceted designer that brought together modern art, architecture and design with folk art and traditional textile craftmanship.


Design for matchboxes of the restaurant La Fonda del Sol, Alexander Girard, 1960 © Alexander Girard Estate, Vitra Design Museum

Design for matchboxes of the restaurant La Fonda del Sol, Alexander Girard, 1960 © Alexander Girard Estate, Vitra Design Museum


Alexander Girard (1907- 1993) was one of the most influential interior and textile designers of the 20th century. His playful designs attest to a passion for colour, ornamentation and international folk art, with which he shaped the aesthetic of American design in the postwar era and anticipated the globalization of design by decades. In March 2016, the Vitra Design Museum will open the first major retrospective on Alexander Girard.

The exhibition presents his oeuvre with a never before shown multitude of textiles, furnishings, models, small objects, interiors, personal documents, and drawings. At the same time, it sheds light on Girard’s inspirations and the contemporaries who influenced his creative universe- from his extensive collection of folk art to his collaborations with Charles & Ray Eames and Eero Saarinen. The exhibition also features Girard’s private estafe, which is held by the Vitra Design Museum. (more…)

“Misunderstandings”, CAMPO’s curatorial approach to FRAC Val de Loire’s collections

Both museums collaborate in a project reflecting on the operative value of museums and collections for the contemporary discourse and practice of architecture. The exhibition is part of FRAC’s wider project for 2017, “Walking through someone else dreams”.


Vazio S/A, The grid, 2016 © FRAC centre Val de Loire

Vazio S/A, The grid, 2016 © FRAC centre Val de Loire


Approaching Le FRAC Centre-Val de Loire’s collection less with the cultural diligence of the curator than the amateur curiosity of the architect, CAMPO discards the traditional monographic, typological or historical readings, to adopt a looser and unconventional framework that pairs human emotions and architectural principles.

Fear/Structure, Hope/System, Nostalgia/Form and Surprise/Limit are the four binocular lenses through which we looked at the collection as aliving material that can be studied but also manipulated to reflect on the contemporary condition. (more…)

“Invisible architecture” at Carlo Bilotti Museum in Villa Borghese

The museum, located in the former orange shed of Villa Borghese Park in Rome, addresses the founding topics of contemporary practice through the eyes of the Japanese and Italian avant-garde movements from the 60’s and 70’s.


UFO. Urboeffimeri, Photo, 1968 (Lapo Binazzi) © Museo Carlo Bilotti

UFO. Urboeffimeri, Photo, 1968 (Lapo Binazzi) © Museo Carlo Bilotti


Fifty years passed from the explosion of two fundamental phenomena of the architectural avant-garde that made their debut in an age of change, revolution, and hope. Metabolist in Japan and Radicals in Italy, though in very different cultural and traditional contexts, developed parallel experiences by sharing the themes of investigation and languages, and by producing extraordinary consequences on contemporary architecture.

Starting from January 19 an exhibition at Museo Carlo Bilotti in Rome, Italy will offer an original survey through works produced in this very special context. The event is promoted by Roma Capitale, Assessorato alla Crescita Culturale – Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali. (more…)

“Saunas” an exhibition on wellness architecture, at Jaroslav Fragner Gallery

The gallery space itself has installed two unusual saunas inside the exhibition area in order to introduce the visitor to the sauna experience from two perspectives: as a relaxing process as well as a possibility of quality experimental architecture.


Sandhorn sauna by SALT © Jaroslav Fragner Gallery

Sandhorn sauna by SALT © Jaroslav Fragner Gallery


The exhibition presents a selection of the most interesting Czech and international creations, introduces different typological examples and practices, such as the concrete sauna in Germany by Modulorbeat, the glass sauna in Estonia by Architectural Bureau Pluss, the underground sauna in the middle of an apple orchard near Bolzano by noa* and the sauna in the middle of Liberec Dam by Mjölk architekti from the Czech Republic. (more…)

Alvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto de Moura’s Abade Pedrosa Museum in Portugal

The two master architects have joined together in the design and construction of this double museum in Santo Tirso, Portugal. The building, located amidst traditional Portuguese architecture, presents both architects’ signature touches in it’s general approach and in the finishing details.


Abade Pedrosa Museum in San Tirso, Portugal © João Morgado

Abade Pedrosa Museum in San Tirso, Portugal © João Morgado


The two Portuguese contemporary master architects have joined together for the design and construction process of a new museum in Santo Tirso, Portugal. The museum, named the “Abade Pedrosa Municipal Museum” integrates two buildings into a single complex: a sculpture museum “International Contemporary Sculpture Museum” and the Abade Pedrosa Muncipal Museum itself. (more…)

MACRO Roma presents Anish Kapoor’s first solo exhibition in Italy after 10 years

Intimate, imposing and dialectic, Kapoor’s work presented at the exhibition confronts and explores the conditions of matter, the dynamics of perception and the power of metaphor.


Anish Kapoor at MACRO - Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Roma © MACRO

Anish Kapoor at MACRO – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma © MACRO


Anish Kapoor is back at long last for his first exhibition in an Italian museum in 10 years. From 17 December 2016 to 17 April 2017, an extraordinary show comes to the spaces of the MACRO – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma, curated by Mario Codognato.

The exhibition is a testimony to Kapoor’s unflagging research in the formal and conceptual spheres, which has informed his artistic practice from the start, contrasting the highly engineered and more organic processes of his work. (more…)

“Bernard Khoury. In order of appearance” a comprehensive exhibition of the works by the Lebanese master

SpazioFMG and Bernard Khoury together selected more than 100 drawings, visions and photographs in which real and imaginary buildings and spaces in the city overlap, dialogue and blend together, showing the architect’s unique vision on architecture and urbanism.


B018 Nightclub (Beirut, 1998) © Bernard Khoury

B018 Nightclub (Beirut, 1998) © Bernard Khoury


SpazioFMG inaugurates an important new monographic exhibition about a great contemporary architect in October. From October 20 through December 2, 2016 Iris Ceramica and FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti’s exhibition space illustrates the theoretical research and built projects of Lebanon’s most brilliant and visionary architect, Bernard Khoury. (more…)

Retrospective exhibition revisits 38 years of Manuel Gallego’s architecture

Presented last spring at Barrie Foundation’s headquarters in La Coruña, the Spanish architect’s retrospective arrives in Vigo with 16 models, 24 large-format drawings, over 400 photographs and two videos about the author: “Through the territory of architecture with Manuel Gallego” and “Masters of Architecture”.


“Manuel Gallego. Architecture 1967-2015″ © Courtesy of Barrie Foundation

“Manuel Gallego. Architecture 1967-2015″ © Courtesy of Barrie Foundation


The  Barrié Foundation’s exhibition gallery in Vigo, Spain, will be offering from October 28 until March 5, 2017 a retrospective exhibition prepared last year on the occasion of Manuel Gallego’s 38 years of work as an architect. The exhibition “Manuel Gallego. Architecture 1967-2015″, curated by the author himself and designed by architect and photographer Paul G. Picard’s, was presented last November at the Foundation’s headquarters in La Coruña, Spain.

This is the first retrospective on the architect, who was Spanish National Architecture Prize in 1997. The exhibition was produced by Barrie Foundation in collaboration with the office of Manuel Gallego Jorreto. (more…)

Architecture and sexuality “1,000 m2 of desire” exhibition at CCCB

The exhibition at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona is focused on the way Western society has planned, built and imagined spaces for sex from the 18th century to the present day.


Collage 2  1968 © Ricardo Bofill

Collage 2, 1968 © Ricardo Bofill


With some 250 exhibits, including drawings and architectural models, art installations, audiovisuals, books and other materials, the exhibition explores the power of spaces as the driving force of desire and shows how architecture has been a tool that controls behaviour and creates gender stereotypes in our patriarchal society. (more…)