“Architecture set: everyday life prepositions” at CentroCentro Madrid

The exhibition shows the design and construction processes and the use of the building projects, the experience of which is arranged and put on display. Exhibiting a process implies revealing the documents that are not always explicit, which were generated during the stages prior to or even subsequent to the architectural project itself.


"Architecture set: everyday life prepositions" © Arquitectura Dispuesta / CentroCentro

“Architecture set: everyday life prepositions” © Arquitectura Dispuesta / CentroCentro


To arrange means to display, to place and exhibit in a space. If an architectural project is the deployment of actions and verbs through which a thought process is synthesised to generate a space, the prepositions position us within it: they construct a conscious position that relates the subjects to their situation in the space (in front, below, between, from, in, towards, as far as, above, behind, etc.) and, more importantly, they link the architecture to those which it implies (of, against, without, to, by, with, for, etc.) in order to create, design and transform our everyday surroundings. The prefix ‘pre’ refers to something that comes before, but it could also anticipate situations to come or future events. (more…)