“Yona Friedman. Mobile Architecture, People’s Architecture” at MAXXI Rome

The MAXXI dedicates the YONA FRIEDMAN. Mobile Architecture, People’s Architecture exhibition, curated by Gong Yan and Elena Motisi, which shall take place from 23rd June to 29th October 2017 to Yona Friedman (Budapest 1923), a legendary architect, an exuberant, creative artist transcending disciplines, whose thinking is extraordinarily relevant.


MAXXI Spatial, 2017  Fotomontaggio su vista del MAXXI / Photomontages on MAXXI views Courtesy:  Yona Friedman photocredit © Francesco Radino-courtesy Fondazione MAXXI

MAXXI Spatial, 2017, Fotomontaggio su vista del MAXXI / Photomontages on MAXXI views, Courtesy: Yona Friedman, photocredit © Francesco Radino-courtesy Fondazione MAXXI


This exhibition, which was organised by Power Station of Art, Shanghai – where it was presented in 2015 – is now hosted by the MAXXI with a new outfitting, conceived together with the architect. Friedman – who built an apparently floating modular structure in 2016 for the Serpentine Gallery of London – believes that anyone can use simple, flexible mobile structures to design and build their own architecture, such as houses and the “spatial cities” that fluctuate over real cities.  (more…)

“Yona Friedman Architecture mobile = Architecture vivante” now in Paris

Dedicated to Yona Friedman (1923), architect, artist and theorist, this monographic exhibition was created in 2015 to celebrate the deposit of an important piece of his works at the  National Centre for Visual Arts.


Lycée David d’Angers (lycée bergson) à Angers © Yona Friedman

Lycée David d’Angers (lycée bergson) à Angers © Yona Friedman


Through a chronological and thematic path, visitors are invited to appropriate the tools of Friedman’s lively, changeable and organic architecture. The many architectural, social and educational proposals of Yona Friedman undoubtedly find applications in our society. This exhibition also features two irregular structures realized in scale 1 , offering visitors to participate in the installation. (more…)