“YALA. Young Architects in Latin America” at Arc en Rêve Bordeaux

Fifty nine projects of young Latin-American architects, not without echo of the Amerindian and European heritage, are presented in the exhibition. Social commitment, landscape, environmental concern, constructive innovation, diversity of approaches and practices; these achievements in multiple scales and programs (houses, collective dwellings, public buildings, community spaces), all testify to a renewed architectural creativity in Latin America.


Catia 100, Caracas, Venezuela. Architectes : Aparatos Contingentes /


The cultural heritage that marks architecture in Latin America is that of its history, rich in miscegenation (African, Indian, Spanish, Portuguese) violated by colonialism, dictatorships, and North American hegemony. (more…)

“Collection paysages 1987-2017” at Arc en Rêve Bordeaux

The exhibition will be held in the Botanical Garden of Bordeaux, inside the inflatable structure created by Hans Walter Müller for ‘arc en rêve. “Collection Paysages 1987-2017” offers the visitors an opportunity to discover points of view of various scales and natures to construct a transversal and critical landscape.


"Collection paysages 1987-2017" © Arc en Rêve

“Collection paysages 1987-2017” © Arc en Rêve


Architects, landscapers, urban planners, designers -all of them have reflected on landscapes and have come to Bordeaux, thanks to Arc en Rêve Centre d’Architecture, to show and display their work from September 14 to October 1 at the exhibition “Collection Paysages” created for Agora 2017. (more…)