“Esposizione Universale Roma”, looking back at the story behind EUR42, Rome’s main business area.

The exhibition in Museum of Ara Pacis in Rome attempts to look into the history of Eur -born as a symbol of fascist monumentality, finally become an expression of the 1960’s financial boom. “Esposizione Universale Roma. Una città nuova dal fascismo agli anni ‘60” will be open from March 12 to June 14, 2015.


Fabrizio Ferri, Untitled #2262, 1999

Fabrizio Ferri, Untitled #2262, 1999


In 1942 Rome was due to host EUR42, a Universal Exhibition dedicated to the celebration of fascism in its 20th anniversary. According to the original project, the Exhibition would have welcomed all the countries in the world, saving several permanent core buildings for Italy -the first buildings of a new neighbourhood to come. The impact of the Second World War stopped the works, and the district was abandoned. Only from the 1950’s on was EUR42 transformed into its present state -a modern business and residential area.

In occasion of Milan’s Expo 2015, the Museum of Ara Pacis is holding an exhibition  called “Esposizione Universale Roma. Una città nuova dal fascismo agli anni ‘60” (“Rome’s Universal Exhibition. A new city from fascism to the 60s”). Open from March 12, to June 14, 2015, the exhibition aims to trace the history of the EUR district through some basic steps that have marked its formation and transformation.