“Anish Kapoor: Works, Thoughts, Experiments” at Serralves Museum

There are few living artists of our time who have achieved the recognition and the renown of Anish Kapoor (b. Mumbai, 1954). His vast and profound sculptural work has been conceived for and on the scale of bodies, cities and the landscape, and the myriad contexts in which they are located, from the urban scale of metropolitan centres such as London, Naples, New York and Chicago, and the rolling hillsides of England and New Zealand.


"Anish Kapoor: Works, Thoughts, Experiments" © Serralves

“Anish Kapoor: Works, Thoughts, Experiments” © Serralves


In recent years, Kapoor also has been invited to present his work in some of the world’s most beautiful formal gardens, including London’s Kensington Gardens and the Palace of Versailles. The gardens and museum of the Serralves Foundation offer a platform of a different history and spatial order in which to encounter the work of the artist. (more…)

MACRO Roma presents Anish Kapoor’s first solo exhibition in Italy after 10 years

Intimate, imposing and dialectic, Kapoor’s work presented at the exhibition confronts and explores the conditions of matter, the dynamics of perception and the power of metaphor.


Anish Kapoor at MACRO - Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Roma © MACRO

Anish Kapoor at MACRO – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma © MACRO


Anish Kapoor is back at long last for his first exhibition in an Italian museum in 10 years. From 17 December 2016 to 17 April 2017, an extraordinary show comes to the spaces of the MACRO – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma, curated by Mario Codognato.

The exhibition is a testimony to Kapoor’s unflagging research in the formal and conceptual spheres, which has informed his artistic practice from the start, contrasting the highly engineered and more organic processes of his work. (more…)

Anish Kapoor’s “Descension” at Galleria Continua San Gimignano

Anish Kapoor returns to Italy with “Descension”, an exhibition project conceived specially for the former cinema and theatre space of Galleria Continua in San Gimignano. The heart of the show is the installation in the stalls area, Descension, from which the exhibition takes its name.


Anish Kapoor - Descension 2015, Acciaio, acqua, motore, 500 x 500 cm © Galleria Continua

Anish Kapoor – Descension 2015, Acciaio, acqua, motore, 500 x 500 cm © Galleria Continua


Kapoor belongs to the line of artists who pose alchemical questions, and who also proceed by way of paradoxical concepts, producing works that push us beyond appearance in search of being. In so doing he makes us reflect on the latent state of the power of matter itself, of the energy contained within it, and for this reason a metaphor of the entire universe.