“André M. Studer. On the measure of things” at S AM Basel

Based on original documents, this 2016 summer exhibition at S AM provides the first general overview of the oeuvre of Swiss architect André M. Studer, who died in 2007. André M. Studer adopted a special position of significance in post-war Swiss architecture.


André M. Studer Terrassenhaus Zurbriggen-Abgottspon, Visp, 1964-67  © Christian Kahl, 2016

André M. Studer Terrassenhaus Zurbriggen-Abgottspon, Visp, 1964-67 © Christian Kahl, 2016


His expressive organic language of forms was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. Based on theories of harmonic proportion, Studer developed his own concept of holistic architecture. Influential figures such as Sigfried Giedion, Werner M. Moser and Bernhard Hoesli described him as one of the most talented in his generation. (more…)