El Equipo Mazzanti in Alghero “We play, you play”

The exhibition “We Play, You Play” is imagined as a Role-Playing in which the visitor engages in different activities and events and becomes an active player rather than a just an observer. The randomness of the game itself allows to break the routine to experience an alternative reality where rules and procedures generate new behaviors.


"We play, you play. El Equipo Mazzanti" © Equipo Mazzanti

“We play, you play. El Equipo Mazzanti” © Equipo Mazzanti


We wanted to create an exhibition made out of the actions produced by the user rather than a display of architectural images meant to be observed. The goal is to allow the visitor to become a member of the El Equipo Mazzanti as he/she adopts the role of the architect by working with his/her own hands. By playing with a set of pieces and rearranging in different manners the office’s built projects, the visitor is capable to understand the rules and protocols that organize our architecture which is often planned as an open system composed by pieces and modules.