Sergio Prego’s “High Rise” installation at the new space by Andrés Jaque at CA2M

High-Rise is the visual arts response to the museum’s new architecture. Prego’s work is a radical occupation of the two areas which have been transformed during the first phase of Andres Jaque’s “Acupunture” process in the building.


Sergio Prego, "High Rise" installation at CA2M © CA2M

Sergio Prego, “High Rise” installation at CA2M © CA2M


Spanish artist Sergio Prego has designed an installation to occupy the very heart of the Art Centre 2 de Mayo in Madrid: the entrance lobby and the new three-floor exhibition space which have been redesigned by Spanish architect Andrés Jaque, as a part of a several phase project entitled “Acupunture. The Architecture of CA2M in Transition” .

Making use of ductile and light materials, Prego’s pieces question the very materiality of sculpture as they only exist in a certain state or form or as the by-product of an ongoing action on the material of which they are composed. And finally, their location, which is to say the topological relationship between the sculpture and the space it has been placed in, is actually inscribed within the works, in an ambiguous replacement of architecture by art. In consequence, form, material and space are conceived as an intertwined and inseparable relational system, in which any decision in one of the variables leads to a change in the others, and vice versa.